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True or False:
The unit for mechanical advantage is a joule.
There are no units for mechanical advantage.
True or False:
An automobile is an example of a simple machine.
An automobile is an example of a compound machine.
Any device that makes "work" easier.
inclined plane
A sloping surface used to raise objects.
A grooved wheel that has a rope or chain running along the groove.
Simple Machine
Any device that accomplishes work with only one movement.
A rod or bar that pivots around a fixed point.
A measure of the amount of work input that is transformed to usable work output.
Effort Force
Force applied to a machine.
Compund Machine
A device composed of tow or more simple machines.
The fixed point of a lever.
Resistance Force
Force applied by a machine.
Ideal Machine
A device in which work output is equal to work input.
Which class of lever?

Give an example
3rd class

fishing pole
Which class of lever?

Give an example.
2nd class

wheel barrow
Which class of lever?

Give an example.
1st class

What is the formula for mechanical advantage?
Load (resistance) force

Effort force
What is the formula for W(input)?
Effot force X Effort Distance
What is the formula for Efficiency?
Work output
X 100%
Work input
What is the formula for W(output)?
Load force x load distance
A person exerts a force of 83 N on a crowbar to move a rock tha weights 200 N.
a. What type of simple machine is a crowbar?
b. Determine the MA of the crowbar.
a. lever

b. MA = 200N
MA = 2.41
A person exerts a force of 65 N to push a box that weighs 300 N up an inclined plane. What is the MA of the inclinced plane?
MA = 300 N
65 N
MA = 4.61
A person uses a fixed pulley to haul a bale of hay that weighed 400 N, 10 M up into the loft of the barn.
a. What was the output work done by the pulley?
b. If the person exerted a force of 600 N to raise the bale, what was the efficiency of the pulley?
c. How much work was transferred to friction and heat?