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What is Mechanical Advantage?
How helpful a machine is. This tells you how many times the machine multiplies the effort force
What are the 6 simple machines?
1)Inclined Plane
4)Wheel and Axle
What is a compound machine?
Any combination of 2 or more simple machines
Formula for Work
Work = Force x Distance
Formula for Power
Power = Work/Time
Formula for Mechanical Advantage
In the labs for this unit, you used an instrument to measure force. What was it called?
Spring Scale
What is the unit for Work?
Joule (J)
What is the unit for Force?
Newton (N)
What is the unit for Power
Watt (W)
What 2 simple machines make up a wheelbarrow?
1)Wheel & Axle
2)2nd Class Lever
What are 2 simple machines that make up a bicycle
1)Wheel and Axle
2)1st Class Levers(pedals)
3)Pulleys (Gears)
What 2 simple machines make up a shovel?
2)3rd Class Lever
What is an example of a 1st Class Lever?
Scissors, SeeSaw, some Catapults, Crowbar, etc.
What is an example of a 2nd Class Lever?
Wheelbarrow, Stapler, etc.
What is an example of a 3rd Class Lever?
Fishing Pole, Shovel, Broom, Rake, Pitch Fork, Hockey Stick, etc.
This simple machine is an inclined plane wrapped around an axis to make a spiral.
This simple machine is an inclined plane that moves. It is usually sharp and is used to cut into things.
This simple machine is a flat slanted surface that makes it easier to raise heavy loads.
Inclined Plane
This simple machine is made up of 2 circular objects of different sizes
Wheel and Axle
True or False: In a pulley system, the MA increases as you add more pulleys
This simple machine is a rope, belt, or chain wrapped around a grooved wheel
This is the force that all machines work to overcome. (This force usually slows an object down.)