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Define force
What are the 2 forces
Force is a push or a pull
Push and Pull
List and describe 3 types of friction (explain each)
sliding--> two objects together
fluid--> moving objects through liquid
rolling--> stops objects from rolling on a surface
What is Universal Law of Gravitation
Everything is attracted to bigger objects ( earth and sun)
What are the 3 Newton's Laws of motion ?
Law 1 : for objects to keep doing what they are doing
Law 2: Force (n)=mass(kg)x Acceleration (m/s2)
Law 3: States that every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Using the 1st and 2nd law why is wearing a seat belt safe?
because the seat belt hold us back when the car stop s in motion quickly and our bodies want to keep moving , so seat belts keep us from flying through the window.
What is the equation for Force?
Force(N) = Mass(kg)x Acceleration(m/s2)
How is Mass different than weight ?
Mass is different than weight because mass is measured in grams, kilograms ect. and weight is measured in Newtons(N) Weight is a force called gravity
What is the equation used to calculate work?
Work(J)=Force (N)x distance (d)
What are the 6 Machines?
1. Screw
2. Incline Plane
3. Wedge
4. Lever
5. Wheel and axil
6. pulley
5 machine funtions are?
1. multiply speed or distance
2. can multiply force
3. machine transfers engery from one force to anther
4.machine can change force from one place to the next.
5. Change dirrection of force
What is the equation to determine Power of a machine?
Power (W)= Work (J)
Time (s)
Define mechanical advantage
is the amount by which a machine can multiply force
What is the equation used to determine Mecanical advantage?
MA=Load force -withoutmachine
Effort force-with machine
How do machines work eaisier?
because they use less force
Define efficency
the work done by a machine
The equation to calculate efficency
WE=Work output-> your work
Work input-> Machines work
From closest to the sun name the order of the planets
mercery, vennus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, enptune and pluto
Which planets are terrestrial ?
Mercury, venus, earth, mars
Which planets are Gas giants?
jupiter, saturn, uranus, netpune
Which planet is neither a gas giant or a terrestral planet?
Which planets (2) have to atmosphere?
Mercury and pluto
Which planets are earth like planets?
Which planets are high in gravity and low density?
Gas giants
ranges from -180 c - 400 c
has warm surface caused by its thick atmosphere
has oxygen
appears reddish
has more mass than all planets
over 1000 rings
Rotates on its side
Has thin rings made up of dark dusty materials traveling around it
neither gas giant or terrestrial
Describe the charateristics by which stars are described
they seem to make patterns --consilations
moat important star is the sun
keeps us warm and we use it fro light
What is a meteor?
Rock that does not hit earth it burns up in earths atmosphere
What is a meteorite?
A rock that does not burn up it hits earth
What are rocks that sone come into earths atomosphere?
What is absolute magnitude ?
the acual amount of light energy given off by a staar at atandard distance
What is apprent Magnitude?
Brightness of a star how it appears to us
Cycle of Low mass star?
nebula->gas&dust spin->clumps->gravity holds->
light energy formed->star
->cools->swells-> Red giant
-> gas flake-> white dwarf
Cycle of a Med Mass star
Nebula-> gas&dust spin-> clumps-> gravity holds-> light energy formed-> star-> red giant-> gas flakes off-> white dwarf
Cycle of a Large mass star
nebula-> gas and dust spin-> clumps-> gravity holds-> light energy formed-> star-> red giant-> super nova-> pulsar
Cycle fo a very large star
Nebula-> gas and dust spin-> clumps-> gravity hold-> light energy formed-> star-> super red giant-> super nova -> black hole
Define Element
pure substance that cannot be broken down into any other pure substance
Define Compound
Pure Substance made up of 2 or more elements that are chemically combined
What is Physical Change
is a change in matter in which no new substance can be produced-> can be revearsed