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systemic JRA early sx
fever to 102 multiple times a day for weeks. rash which comes with fever. generalized lymphadenopathy. very high WBC 30-50. Joint sx occur at same time or later
dermatomyositis signs
purple malar rash, gottron papules (rash over knuckles), nail fold telangiectasias, prox muscle weakness.
initial labs for dermatomyositis
CK, aldolase, AST, ALTk LDH
cutis laxa
skin too big for body. rare. not hyperextensbile. no joint laxity
SLE thrombolembolic disease
lupus anticoagulant, prolong PTT, paradoxically causes venous or arterial thromboses.
most common renal manifestations of SLE
hematuria, proteinuria, HTN
SLE sx
renal, rash, arthralgia/arhtritis, pallor, hemorrhage, nuero, cardiac, muscle, pleural effusions, HS megaly. photosensitivity.
SLE labs
low C3, low C4
ANA positive 90%
antiDS DNA Ab specific to SLE
SLE dx criteria
Oral ulcers
Malar rash
scleroderma types
localized more common than systemic
localized: indurated skin surrounded by purple halo color cahnges to waxy or ivory appearance, atrophic and hypopigmented.
Localized scleroderma types
linear: band like distribution (self limited, 3-5yrs)
morphea: 1-2 lesions, trunk
generalized morphea: widespread coalexcent lesions
lichen sclerosus et atrophicus
hypopigmented areas atrophic not sclerotic. genitalia.
cardiac complicatins of JRA
pericarditis with sterile pericardial effusion. chest pain lasting al day and night
treatment for scleroderma
observation, photo-chemotherapy if progressive
ITP that does not go away
chronic ITP. many go on to have SLE
treatment for SLE nephritis
prednisone 2mg/kg
SLE maintenance labs
always do urinalysis. frequently do ANA, anti DS DNA, C3 C4.
Low C3 C4 and hi ANA, DS-DNA are active disease
normal C3 C4 shows response to therapy.
intermittent unilat lower extremity pain. morning stiffness relieved by exercise.
Ankylosing spondylitis. hip ankle sarthritis, inflammation of small joints of feet. local tenderness at achilles. SI joint arthitis and lumbar spine flatening.
ankylosing spondylitis labs
HLA-B27 +
all other Rheum labs are neg.
girl with asymetric oligoarthritis, large and small joints.
psoriatic arthritis. HLA-B27, nail pitting, FH of psoriasis.
teen boy with knee arthitis adn abnormal axial skeleton. loss of spinal fexibility
ankylosing spondylitis
pyoderma gangrinosum
IBD rash. pustules on skin, coalesce into deep necrotoic lesions. elbows.
postinfecious arthritis agents
Shigella, salmonella, Yersinia, Camplobacter. all cause bloody diarrhea and weeeks later arthritis. Chlamydia t., GAS (usually symmetric arthtitis, prolonged, persistant
conjunctivitis, arthritis, non-bacterial urethritis, painless ulcers in mouth
Reiter syndrome. autoimmune response to STD, Chlamydia most typically. HLA B27 is risk factor.
african american chld fatigue, weight loss, fever, cough, bilateral peribronchial infiltrates
Sarcoidosis. noncaseating granulomatous disease. chronic resp sx.