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What job did the Marbury vs. Madison case create?
Constitutional Interpreter for the Supreme Ct.
Who sold Louisiana to Jefferson/Monroe for 15 mil? What was this called?
Louisiana Purchase
Why did Napoleon sell Louisiana to Jefferson?
Because he would have needed a naval base in the West Indies, but African slaves took it over
Who were hired to map the Louisiana Territory?
Lewis and Clark
What indians helped Lewis and Clark?
Shoshone and Mandane And Sacagawea
Where did Lewis, Clark, and Pike start their exploration?
St. Louis
Where did Zebulun Pike explore?
Pikes Peak
Mississippi Vally
Who saved Lewis and Clark in the continental divide?
native americans
What was the name of the other family that lived with the Jeffersons at Monticello?
Why did Hamilton run for governor?
Because he knows Burr wanted to be governor to separate NY from the US