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What was the first battle of the Revolutionary War?
What is a minuteman?
A person in the militia who was ready to fight at a moments notice.
Why was Bunker Hill actually misnamed?
Because the battle was actually fought on Breed's Hill.
Why did the colonists lose Bunker Hill?
The colonists ran out of ammunition.
What was the famous phrase that the colonists used in the battle of Bunker Hill that helped them save ammunition?
"Don't fire 'till you see the white's in their eyes.
Why were the British trying to take NYC?
They wanted to split the colonies in two.
Why were the British trying to take NYC?
They wanted to split the colonies in two.
Who won the Battle of Long Island?
The British won the Battle of Long Island, forcing George Washinton to retreat to New Jersey.
What was the British advantage in the war?
The British had more money, professional soldiers, the Hessians (paid German soldiers), the world's most power navy.
What were the British disadvantages in the war?
The British disadvantages were an extremely long supply line (they were an ocean away). Also, the motivation was difficult to maintain from so far away. Also, they had to occupy an entire continent.
What was the main colonial advantage in the war?
The colonists were fighting for their own freedom on their own land.
What was the colonial military strategy in the Revolutionary War?
Stay alive. Fight to not lose, don't fight to win. Keep retreating. As long as the British don't win, eventually they will just give up.
What battle was the turning point of the war?
Battle of Saratoga
Why was Saratoga the turning point of the war?
It convinced the French to join the colonists in their war for independence.
What was the significace of Fort Ticonderoga?
The colonist captured much needed cannons and artillery.
Who were the Green Mountain Boys?
Ethan Allen's men from Vermont who captured Fort Ticonderoga.
What was the final battle of the Revolutionary War?
The Battle of Yorktown
Which British General was surrounded at the last Battle of the war and surrendered?
General Cornwallis
What treaty ended the war?
Treaty of Paris (1783)
What did the Treaty of Paris do the for colonists?
Ended the fighting. It recognized them as a new nation. It gave them land to the Mississippi River. It kicked Great Britain out of the colonies.
What treaty ended the war?
Treaty of Paris (1783)
Who was the Swamp Fox?
Francis Marion
What battle was a surprise attack by the colonist that boosted their morale?
Battle of Trenton
What did the 2nd Continental Congress organize?
The Continental Army
What was the Olive Branch petition?
A last ditch effort by the colonist for peace and allegiance to Great Britain.
What became more of a social issue among the colonists after the War?
What was the economic effect of the war in the colonies?
The war put the colonies into deep debt. Also, they couldn't raise taxes.
What was the political effect of the Revolutionary War?
There was a new nation in town: The United States of America
What was "the shot heard round the world."
The first shot of the Revolutionary War.