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What guaranteed U.S. citizens certain rights? It limited the power of the central government.
Bill of Rights
What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 do?
Est. a federal district court for each state. (there would be 6 justices)
Who was Washington's Secretary of Treasury?
Alexander Hamilton
What kind of federal government did Hamilton believe in?
A strong one controlled by wealthy
What is an economic system in which private businesses run most industries, and competition determines how much goods coset and workers are paid?
What are certificates issued by a government in exchange for loans?
Government Bonds
What did Alexander Hamilton want to do that caused a lot of uproar?
Get rid of their debts by:
1. paying the bonds in full
2. just take money from the states0
What is strict construction?
Narrow constitutional interpretation
What is loose construction?
Meaning that the government could do anything the Constitution doesn't specifically forbid
Which battle did the U.S. defeat Little Turtle which resulted in the Treaty of Greenville?
Battle of Fallen Timbers
What was the Treaty of Greenville?
Gave the US title to American Indian Lands in 1795
What key event started the French Revolution?
Storming at Bastille
What was the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette known as?
Reign of Terror
Why did the French commoners revolt against the French government?
Louis and Marie Antoinette werent doing anything about their economic problems
Why did the other countries declare war on France?
They didnt want France's revolutionary spirit to spread to their countries
What did the French do to kind of mock the US neutrality?
Stole a British ship, named it La Petite Democrate, and operated it off the US coast, attacking British ships
Describe the terms of Jay's Treaty.
If the British abandoned their northwestern forts, the US would pay the debts they owed to the British
Which Treaty recognized the border of the US w/ Spanish Florida and guaranteed US navigation rights on Mississippi?
Pinckney's Treaty
What is the right of deposit?
The right to temporarily unload goods at New Orleans without paying a tax to Spain
What is sectionalism?
loyalty to a particular part of the country
What were the 2 parties that sectionalism created?
Federalism - commerce
Democratic-Republican - farmers
Describe the XYZ affair.
French Tallyrand tries to have US pay tribute to them and bribes Adams to give him money. This almost led the US to go to war with France
Which two states denounced the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Kentucky and Virginia
What were the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Laws to protect the nation and weaken the Republicans. The president could now imprison anyone who might be a threat to the nation. Many did not like it.
What was Washington fearing at his farewell speech?
That the US would be divided through sectionalism
Why wasnt Dickenson, who opposed the constitution, NOT a loyalist?
He fought in the army
Who was the most famous Loyalist?
Benedict Arnold
What are 3 results of the Revolutionary War?
1.Loyalists-loyal to Eng.
2.Women-get more jobs
3.Blacks-Eng. promised freedom if fought
What treaty kind of ended the revolutionary war?
Treaty of Paris
who started the tradition of military leaders becoming presidents?