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doing an experiment again with the same methodolgy and geting the same results
confirmation of the accuracy of findings or being more sure that the original findings are correct through additional observations.
independent variable
independent variable
cause of something ie POVERTY cuases crime
dependent variable
dependent variable
is what is being perdicted, outcome variable, if there is poverty the outcome is CRIME
probablistic or probablism
social sciences are "this" because you cant really determine this 100%
putting value to a concept, ie # of arrest to measure crime.
concepts that have been observationalised.
types of unethical behavior
plagarism, deception, blackmail, not reporting crimes, misuse of funds, failure to finish work.
an abstract tag put on reality ie crime
CJ academy of CJ sciences
internal control for guidelines for researach,
Institutional Review boards
Inst. Review Board
research screening committee in colleges to oversee the ethical propriety of research
external controls of research
laws, constitutions, and regulations.
HEW 1971 guidelines
dept of health, educ, and welfare: Informed Consent
Informed consent
1. give Explanations of procedures and purposes 2. tell risks and expected discomforts 3. tell of expected benefits 4. tell of alternative treatments 5. answer all questions. 6. tell free to withdraw at any time
Norumurge Code
Nazi Doctor Trials: Voluntary concent, animals first, first guidelines for research 1947
Belmont Report
clarification of social science guidelines of HEW: deception is okay to prevent hawthorn effect. led to HHS guidelines
Belmont Report 3 principles
Respect for persons, beneficence, and justice
Principle of respect for persons
Belmont report: People are autonomous agents, people should be fully informed, some people have diminished autonomy
Principle of beneficence
Belmont report: research much max benifits and min risk
principle of justice
Belmont Report: Benifits/risk must be equally distributed, no discrimination
Full Board review
IRB's: meets once a month, studies that involve vulnerable persons, studies that have more than minimal risk
Expedited Review
IRB's: chair of IRB does it, less than minimal risk, secondary data analisys
Exempt Review
education studies, confidential education tests, confidential surveys or interviews
informed vs voluntary
ablitly to understand consent vs ability to give consent
shield laws
federally funded research can not be subpoenad with out consent
Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Black dudes got owned, 1932-1970's
Jewish chronic Disease hospital study.
1963 Cancer cells were injected into terminally ill patients.
Children injected with hepititus,
Allen Hornblum
wrote Acres of Skin, Pennsylvania prision experiments
Scientific method
1. must be able to observer or measure something before it can be observed. ie operationalized. 2. replication is needed 3. and verification
4 types of research
Descriptive, Exploratory, explanatory, evaluation
Qualitative research
attempting to understand something by observation or participations, less about # and stats
Quantitative research
about gathering data then analyzing them with statistical analysis.
Philip Zimbarbo
Simulated prison study
Laud Humprey
Tea room Trade = gay sex in public restroom study
Stanley Milgram
Obedience to Authority Study = dudes shocking other dudes.