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This study is oriented in the past. Both quantitative & qualitative. Historical
Analytical Research
This study is only quantitative. Includes quasi-experimental, ex post facto, causal comparative & true experimental. It is oriented in the future
Experimental research
This study is oriented in the present and is qualitative. Includes developmental, correlational, exploratory/survey, content anaylsis. Simple answers Level 1&2
Descriptive Research
This research if done in a lab w/animal subjects/great control/not generalizable and is very specific
Basic(pure) research
This research is very practical and uses human subjects. Has little control and it's results are generalizable.
Applied Research
Asks the question "What?"
Includes descriptive & qualitative. Survey, ethnography, phenomology
Level 1
Asks if one variable causes another, at least 2 variables and has a conceptual or theoretical framework
Level 4
Asks the relationship b/t variables, at least 2 variable, some knowledge of subjects
Level 3
Asks who, what, how many, how much... at one or more variables. little is known.
includes quantitative, nonexperimental.
Level 2
The prediction of a result or outcome