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in a woman's cylce when is body temp highest?
due to what hormone
shortly after ovulation due to the metabolic effects of progesterone produced by the corpus luteum
testes and ovaries drain into what lymph nodes?
para-aortic lymph nodes
rectal or colon cancer below the pectinate line drains into what lymph nodes?
the superficial inguinal nodes (palpable)
rectal or colon cancer above the pectinate line drains into what lymph nodes?
iliac nodes (inside the pelvis)
maternal levels of what is the best indicator of fetal well-being?
estriol. 16-OH DHEA is carried by fetal circulation to the placenta where it is desulfated and aromatized to estriol
Koilocytosis (aka koilocytotic atypia)
= HPV infection of squamous cells of the cervix, not severe dysplasia/carcinoma.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome - what hormones involved?
increased LH production leads to anovulation, hyperandrogenism
granulosa cell tumors produce what?
hydrocele in infants is usually due to what?
failure of closure of the process vaginalis
in women which teratoma is malignant
immature whereas in men mature teratomas are malignant
the most common cause of dysfunctional uterine bleeding?
anovulation. excessive estrogen stimulation causes the endometrial glands to proliferate. Persistent proliferation without a progesterone phase will eventually break down and bleed. Proliferative endometrium with stromal breakdown
elevation of LDH seen with what?
varicocele in testes
abnormal distension of testicular vein. Causes a palpable “bag of worms” scrotal swelling. most common on the left (90%). L testicular vein compressed by the sigmoid colon
sclerosing adenosis
Characterized by fibrosis that distorts the glands and lobules into a whorled pattern. Associated with increased risk of invasive breast cancer. seen in some cases of fibrocystic disease
secretory endometrium looks like what?
has long, narrow, coiled glands lined by columnar epithelium with clear apical vesicles
proliferative endometrium
is characterized by smaller, noncoiled glands lined with columnar epithelium without apical (secretory) vesicles
hormone that initiates the change from proliferative to secretory endometrium?
prostaglandin effect on uterus?
induces myometrial contraction and pain. Responsible for most cases of primary dysmenorrhea
meigs syndrome?
triad of ovarian fibroma, ascites, and hydrothorax
what landmark separates the greater sciatic foramen from the lesser sciatic foramen
the ischial spine
Palpation of what allows the physician to locate the pudendal nerve in order to perform a pudendal block
ischial spine
external feminization with male internal reproductive tract occurs when?
5 alpha reductase deficiency
external genitalia are feminized, but neither the male nor the female-type internal tract develops
complete androgen resistance and 17-alpha hydroxylase deficiency (also hypertensive)
fribcystic breast changes increase the risk of breast cancer?
no not unless there are associated proliferative changes. Florid epithelial hyperplasia and sclerosing adenosis leads to an increased risk of developing carcinoma
-The most common causes of maternal death in preeclampsia?
cerebral hemorrhage and adult respiratory distress syndrome
krukenburg tumor aka pseudomyxoma peritonei
ovarian metastasis of mucin producing adenocarcinoma. bilateral, arises from GI primary
CA-125 positivity indicates what?
ovarian carcinoma
GnRN analog