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What is the main function of the Cortical nephrons?
They handle most of the reabsorption and secretion with their short thin segment
True/False: The cortical nephrons reach down deep into the medulla.
False--the juxtamedullary nephron with its long loop of henle reaches down into the medulla
What is the blood vessel that ENTERS the glomerulus?
The AFFERENT arteriole
How do you visually tell the difference between medulla and cortex?
You will NOT see glomeruli in the medulla
What does the the kidney capsule mostly contain?
What are collecting ducts lined with?
Cuboidal epithelial cells
How do you differentiate capillaires from collecting ducts?
Collecting duct cells have well defined borders on both sides--the arterioles look squished
The afferent arteriole originates from what?
What is the pathway of blood through the nephron?
Aorta-->Renal artery-->Branch off renal artery-->Interlobar artery-->Arcuate Artery-->Interlobular Artery-->Afferent Arteriole-->Glomerulus-->Efferent Arteriole--Peritubular capillaries OR vasa recta-->Interlobular veins-->Arcuate veins-->Interlobar veins
What are the layers of filtration in the glomerulus?
1. Fenestrated endothelial (50-100 nm pores)
2. Glomerulus basement membrane (200 to 300 nm thick, both sides negatively charged)
3. Podocytes (form stilts)
What are lacis cells?
Extra-glomerular mesangial cells that sense the sodium content in the distal convoluted tubule
How can you recognize JG cells?
Look for the halo around those cells--they secrete RENIN
What is the macula densa?
Cells that line the wall of the distal tubule at the point of return of the nephron to the vascular pole of its parent glomerulus(sits between proximal and distal convoluted tubules)