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density of xray is controlled by 4 factors
1. kvp
2. exposure time
3. mA
4. TFD
stand behind the lead barrier for at least
6 ft from tube head
screens out unnecessary radiation
aluminum filter
used to align the tube head
restrict the film to 2.5 inch
lead diaphragm
an impulse equals to what
1/60 second
exposure start is delayed approx by
1/2 second
instruction for PMRP
Bumedinst 4010.3
unprocessed film must be stored in
lead lined container
kVp setting for a thick bone size and density
90 kVp
kVp setting for normal bone size
87 kVp
the printed side of film packet should be facing
the plastic support
number of xray on a full mouth
reduce kVp by __ when taking edentulous areas
bisecting angle. +45 to +50