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Eysenck - Psychotherapy Research
effects of psychotherapy are "smal or nonexistent" - positive effects are spontaneious remission.
meta-analysis by Smith - Research
Meta-analysis involve scaculating an effect size from data of differnt studies to a common metric so can be qualitiatively combined and compared. showd that 80 percent of clients better off after therapy. No therapy superior over others
Psychotherapy with Older Adults
20-22% of older adults meet dianostic criteria for mental disorders. Most common older adult incidence anxiety, severe cognitive impairemtn and derpession. May respond slower in treatment but receptive to all forms.
Effective Treatment for Older Adults
behavioral and environemental treatment
memory and cognitive retraiing
The Effects of Treatment Length
Dose Dependent Effect
Longer duration treatment = better outcomes but level off at 26 sessions. slight increase at 52 sessions - dose dependent effect
Phase Model of Therapy - effects of treatment length
Three stages
1 Remoralizatoin
2 REmediation
3 Rehabilitation
benefits of treatment varis depending on number of sessions.
Remoralization - client's feelings of hoplessness and esperation respond quickly to therapy - first few sessions
Remediation - focus is on symptoms that broutht the client to therapy - 16 sessions
Rehabilitation - unlearning troublesome, maladaptive, habitual behaviors and establising new ways of dealing with various aspects of life.
Efficacy versus Effectiveness Research
Efficacy (clinical trials) vs Effectiveness (correlation or quasi experimental)
both have beneifts efficacy if treatment works and effectivenss assessing clinical generalizaibity, feasibilty and cost effectiveness.
Diagnositic Overshadowing
Vocatinal Overshadowing
tendency for professinal sto atrribute all behaviora, social, and emotionatl problems tomental retardation indindividuals with this diagnosis.
professinals overlooks aclient's vocational problems
Therapist Distress
74 percent personal disress 36 percent said decrease quality of work, 4.6 percent inadequate treatment. Suicidal comments most stressful, "lack of therapeutic success single most stressful aspect of work.
confidentiality most fequent ethical dilemma.
Psychiatric Hospitalization
mental illness ghier amojnt females than males. pscyiaric units admissions higher for men. men exibit more acting out behavior.
marital status - most form never marriedand lowest for widowed
Race - all races are overrepresented
Age - 25 - 44 age range
diagnosis - schizophrenia most common 18-44
65 older organic disorders