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The Study of human development is Empirical, meaning that it is:
Based on data, many experiences, demonstrations, and on facts
To understand human development, Urie Bronfenbrenner advocated a:
Biological Systems Approach
Within the ecological-systems approach, the custom of hte society, as well as the economic and political philosophies of the nation, are all a part of the:
A manner of studying development that takes into account every moment of life is referred to as the:
Dynamic-Systems Approach
The notion that development involves gains and losses that do not always occur in a straight line exemplifies the following characteristic of the life-span approach.
The notion that a small change has a large potential power is referred to as the:
Butterfly Effect
When people belong to different cohorts, they differ in:
Values, events technology, and culture
Dora, who is 75 years old, disagrees completely with her teenage granddaughter about the proper role of women. Their arguments are most likely to arise from differences in which context?
An individuals socioeconomic status includes:
Wealth, occupation, education, place of residence
The values, assumptions, customs, clothing, technologies, and art that a group of people have developed over the years as a design for living are referred to as their:
Many assumptions about how things "should be" such as that the husband should be the major wage earner in a married relationship, are:
Social Construction
Identify the term that categorizes people on the basis of genetic differences and differences in appearance:
Social Construction
The study of human development is often divided into three domains:
Bio-social, cognitive, Psychosocial