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pleasant, desirable stress
unpleasant, objectonable stress
small problems of daily living that accumulate and sometimes become a major stress
physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion attributal to long-term involvement in emotionally demanding situations
unpleasant tension, anxiety, and heightened sympathetic activity resulting form a blocked goal
having to choose between two or more incompatable goals or impulses
Approach-approach conflict
having to choose between two or more desirable alternatives
Avoidance-avoidance conflict
forced choice between two or more undesirable alternatives
Approach-avoidance conflict
forced choice between two or more alternatives, which have both desirable and undesirable results
HPA axis
the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal cortex, which are activated by stress
interdisciplinary field that studies the effects of psychological factors on teh immune system
General adaptation syndrome
selye's three-phase (alarm, resistance, and exhaustion) reaction to severe stress
Type a personality
behavior characteristics including intense ambition, competition, exaggerated time urgency, and a cynical, hostile outlook
Type b personality
behavior characteristics consistent with a calm, patient, relaxed attitude toward life
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
anxiety disorder following exposure to a life-threatening or other extreme event that evoked great horror or helplessness; characterized by flashbacks, nightmares, and impaired functioning