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D&C, D&E, Instillation, Hysterotomy, RU-486
Dilation and Cutterage (scraping the kid out), Diliation and Evacuation (Sucking and then scraping the kid out), Hysterotomy (removing the kid through C-Section), RU-486, drug that causes an internal abortion (blocks progesterone)
Union of a sperm cell and an ovum.
Condition caused by growth of tissue outside of the uterus.
What percent of problems from failure to ovulate?
10-15% female infertility problems due from failure to ovulate
Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT)
When the zygote is put into the fallopian tube.
Gamete Intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)
When a sperm and ova are put into the fallopian tube without merger.
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
The hormone that says you're pregnant. Produced shortly after conception.
Procedure to draw off some fetal cells in fluid to determine disorders.
Hormone released that stimulates uterine contractions and child birth milk.
Stages of Childbirth
(1st: Contractions, 20-40 seconds, moves baby into position. 2nd: Baby is born. 3rd: Placenta is removed.)
-- Oral -- The Pill -- Combination -- Perfect Use Failure 0.1%
-- Oral -- The Pill -- Combination -- Perfect Use Failure 0.1%
-- Minipill - Protesterone Only -- Perfect sue failure 0.5%
-- Minipill - Protesterone Only -- Perfect sue failure 0.5%
How do pills work?
They suppress ovulation
Morning-After Pills
Excessive release of hormones, prevent fertilization. Must be taken within 72 hours of ovluation.
Perfect use failure less than 1% across 5 years
Intrauterine device (IUD)
Used by about 5 million women; failure rate about 2%
Diaphragm, Cervical Cap
Used with Spermicides; Failure Rate about 6%
Condoms, rubbers, prophylactics
Failure rate about 12%.
40% failure rate, trying to wash sperm out, but it actually sends sperm towards the uterus.
Coitus Interruptus
Pull out method.
Rhythm Methods
Fertility awareness, natural way of childbirth, not used often but sanctioned by religion.
Calendar Method
Timing out the ovulation so you know when you can and can't have sex. No sex from days 10 to 15.
Basal Body Temperature Method
Checking your temperature to see if it has dropped 0.8 degrees to see if ovulation has occurred.
Cervical Mucus Ovulation Method
Changes in viscosity of mucus. Either dry or thickness.
Sterilization methods (Male and Female)
Vasectomy, reversible. Tubal sterilization, breaking of the tubes. Hysterectomy removes the Uterus.
Female Condom
Ring that lines the vagina during intercourse.
Contraceptive Sponge
No longer available. Disposable device that provided an absorption barrier.
Vaginal Ring
Ring that can be worn for 3 months, containes hormones like birth control.
Inhibits ovulation. Administered by injection every 3 months.
Purposeful termination of prengancy before the embryo or fetus can sustain life.
Vacuum Aspiration
Safest and most common method of abortion
Four parts of love?
Love: Storge, Agape, Philia and Eros.
Parent/Children Love
Selfless love (Charity)
Friendship Love
Passionate Love
Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love
Intimacy, Passion, Commitment
(PIC your lover)
Social Exchange Theory
View that the development of a relationship reflects the unfolding of social exchanges (rewards and costs of a relationship)
ABCDE model
Five Stages. (A)ttraction, (B)uilding, (C)ontinuation, (D)eteioration and (E)nding.
Revelation of personal, intimate information. Must come gradually.
Phase in a relationship where a couple becomes WE.
Feelings of closeness and connectedness that are marked by sharing thoughts and feelings (Self Insight)
Nonverbal Communication
Used to communicate. Being uptight/Hanging Loose, Touching and Gazing/Staring
Active Listening
Might learn something, maintaining eye contact, modify facial expressions, and paraphrase.
Irrational Beliefs
Thinking you know what the partner wants without having to communicate.
Kinsey Continuum
Seven point scale in which people are located according to their patterns of behavior. It's not all or nothing with Kinsey.
Genetics and Sexual Orientation
Homosexuality does have a genetic component.
Gay Activism
San Francisco has political activism and are represented in all walks of life. Trying to get rights.
Psychoanalysis on homosexuality
Defense mechanisms.. failure to successfully resolve the Oedipus complex by identifying with the parent of the same gender.
Learning Theories on homosexuality
Sexual motivation is high, only having guys around to deal with it. Repetition of pleasurable feelings.
Gay Lifestyles
Do not adopt a single, stereotypical lifestyle. not everyone is a part of the gay community. A lot of extramaritial sex.
Physical Attraction is primary in?
Primary in short term relationships.
Anorexia Nervosa
Eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain healthy body weight and fear of such things.
What are important in long term relationships?
Similiarities more important in long term relationships.
Matching Hypothesis
Concept that peole tend to develop romantic relationships with people similar to themselves in attractiveness.