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According to Freud, boys are most likely to experience the Oedipus complex during the ________ stage.
The social-cognitive perspective emphasizes the interactive influences of our traits and our
The MMPI is an example of a(n)
personality inventory
Overestimating the extent to which others notice and evaluate our appearance and performance is called
the spotlight effect
The stability of personality traits is best illustrated by the consistency of
expressive styles
Ego is to id as ________ is to ________
reality principle; pleasure principle
Sheen is usually animated and talkative when he is with his girlfriend, but he is often quiet and reserved at home. He actively participates in many class discussions but frequently seems reluctant to talk with friends at the campus coffee shop. Sheen's behavior should make us more cautious about overemphasizing the impact of ________ on behavior
personality traits
Emma believes that she will succeed in business if she works hard and carefully manages her time. Her belief most clearly illustrates
an internal locus of control
Athletes often attribute their losses to bad officiating. This best illustrates
self-serving bias
Carl Rogers suggested that the ________ is a central feature of personality
Parents who disguise hostility toward their children by becoming overly protective of them are very likely using the defense mechanism of
reaction formation
A psychotherapist instructs Dane to relax, close his eyes, and state aloud whatever thoughts come to mind no matter how trivial or absurd. The therapist is using a technique known as
free association
Because Mr. Maloney trusts his employees, he treats them kindly. His kindness leads them to work diligently on his behalf, which in turn increases his trust in them. This pattern of trust, kindness, diligence, and increasing trust illustrates what is meant by
reciprocal determinism
Refusing to believe or even to perceive painful realities constitutes the defense mechanism known as
Some psychoanalysts in Freud's era believed that girls experienced unconscious sexual desires for their father during the phallic stage. These feelings, they thought, reflected
an Electra complex
The person-situation controversy involves a debate regarding the influence of ________ and ________ on behavior.
environments; traits
Freud referred to a lingering focus of pleasure-seeking energies at an earlier psychosexual stage as
The Big Five personality factors are
emotional stability, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness
Card players who attribute their wins to their own skill and their losses to bad luck best illustrate
self-serving bias
Which perspective on personality emphasizes the interaction be tween the individual and the environment in shaping personality?