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What is Psychology?
Scientific study of human behaviors and processes
An action that can be observed and recorded
Pre Scientific Psych
Where Does knoledge come from? Mind Body Dualism
Where does knoledge come from? Mind Body Dualism
Socrates & Plato
LOGIC - mind separate from body and continues on - knoleges is inate
Used science - principles from careful observation - soul not separate from body - knowledge is gained through experience
John Locke
Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate) Empiricism
Wilhelm Wundt
First experimental psychology Lab
Titchner - First INtrospection (looking inward) explore elemantel structure of the mind
knoledge gained through experiment and sences
focused on mental and behavioral processes that enable the organism to adapt survive and flurish
William James
Functionalist - first feminist -wrote first psych text book
emphased groth potential of healthy people, used personalized methods to study personality
Contemporary psych
Nature VS Nurture - Natural Selection
Psych 3 main levels of anaylsis
bio influ, psych influ, Social Cultural influ (Biopsychosocial model of behavior analysis)
Study Animals
General Process model - species more alike than different
need for psych
limits of intuition and common sense - overconfidence
hindsight bias
"i knew it all along" in psych-prediction of future stonger than actually were When Correct
Critical thinking
emperical - doesn't blindly accept
Scientific Method
Theory - Hypothesis - Replication - Operational Deffintion
logical self consistent model of frame work
testable statement - supported or refuted
operational defination
how one discribe the behavior you are researching
Descriptive Study
Case Study - Survey - Naturalistic observation
how often 2 events occur, does not imply causality - strength and direction (inc sample - inc Correlation)
illusory correlation
no such relationship exists
independent variable
controlled by scientist
dependent variable
what you looking at
increase cases
decrease variability
statistical significants
p< .05
biological psychologists
general process - animal brain studies - brain communication
evocative interactions
genes affected by environment and environment effects gene presentation
evolutionary psych
evolution through mind and behavior - memory, perception, language
Experience and Brain Development
Critical Period - Solitary confinement VS Enrichment
increases in activity
increase in synaps
use it or loose it
Parental infuence
Neglectful - Permissive - Authoritarian - Authoritative***
other developmental influences
peers, culture , the NORM
Gender & Rearing
Social Learning & Gender Schema Theory
Social Learning Theory
learn by observing
Gender Schema Theory
hildren learn about what it means to be male and female from the culture in which they live. childern fit in to the NORMS