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Premack Principle
If one activity occurs more often than another, the opportunity to do the most frequent activity will reinforce the less freq. one. (ex: u can watch TV after u finish ur HW.)
Generalized Reinforcer
A learned reinforcer that is a reinforcer because it was paired with a variety of other reinforcers when the organism has been deprived of those other reinforcers.
A stimulus in the presence of which a contingency is operative
A stimulus in the presence of which a contingency is NOT operative.(Leads to same as "before").
Stimulus Discrimination
The occurrence of a response more frequently in the presence of one stimulus than in the presence of another
Stimulus Class
A set of stimuli which all have some common physical property
Stimulus Generalization
Responding the same with a different stimulus.
Generalized Imitation
Imitation of a model without previous reinforcement of imitation of that specific response
Avoidance Contingency
The immediate response-contingent prevention of an aversive condition--resulting in increased freq. of that response