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how is protein formed?
by linking together amino acids
What do linked amino acids form?
peptide bonds
What is a chain of amino acids known as?
a polypeptide
What is the linking of an amino group to the calboxyl group called?
How do protien chains grow another amino acid?
by linking one amino acid's amino group to the carboxyl group of the next amino acid
How quickly does the protein chain grow amino acids?
one at a time
Where does protein synthesis occur?
in the cytoplasm
Where does transcripition begin?
In the nucleus
What is the process of protein synthesis?
Trascrpiton: mRNA copies DNA's instructions for proteins, tRNA reads mRNA and links amino acids together in the ribosomes.
What is another name for linking amino acids together to form a protein chain?
What does the RNA do after it is formend by mRNA?
Breaks free form the DNA and is modified(eukaryotes-not prokaryotes) before leaving through nuclear pores, then mRNA attaches to end of ribosome(initiation), then tRNA attaches correct amino acida, then connected by peptide bonds