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What will the signal paths (Input, Output, and Insert) include at sample rates of 48kHz and below and 88.2kHz and above?
48kHz and below: 8 analog paths, 8 ADAT paths, 2 S/PDIF paths
88.2kHz and above: 8 analog paths, 2 S/PDIF paths
Is it better to create mono sub-paths for Outputs and Busses or mono main paths to optimize mixer and DSP resources?
mono sub-paths
The New Track Default Output can be set to what 2 paths?
bus paths and output paths
If you do not enter any information in the Instrument Name field, what will happen?
It will inherit information from the Model pop-up menus and the Manufacturer automatically.
How do you remove a MIDI input or output connection? How do you delete all connections?
Select a cable and press Delete.
MIDI > Clear All Connections.
If the Manufacturer or Model names for your MIDI external device do not show up in the AMS (Audio MIDI Setup) window, how can you add them?
Using a text editor (i.e. TextEdit) to edit any current .middev file.
Where would you place your image or custom icons for them to show up as choices in the AMS (Audio MIDI Setup) window?
Place your .tif or .jpg image files in /Library/Audio/MIDI Devices/Generic/Images.
The Minimize Additional I/O Latency option is only available if additional buffering is required for RTAS error suppression on the Pro Tools system you are using and what is enabled?
The Ignore Errors During Playback/Record option.
Can you choose a sample rate other than the default when creating a new session?
Yes, in the New Session dialog box.
Where does Pro Tools save your exported I/O Settings by default?
In its own I/O Settings folder, but you can save them in another location.
When labeling stereo paths in your I/O Setup, what should your path names reflect?
They should reflect that they are representing a pair of inputs (i.e. Mic/Line 1-2, Tom 1-2 etc.).
What settings are generally considered (and why) to be best when mixing and using more RTAS plug-ins?
Higher Hardware Buffer Size settings because they allow for more audio processing and effects.
What does higher CPU Usage Limit settings versus lower settings do?
Higher: allocate more processing power to Pro Tools (i.e. for RTAS plug-in processing)
Lower: limit interference from Pro Tools on other processing tasks done by the CPU