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What is CTAF?
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency

- used to increase safety at airports without operating control towers
- used to broadcast position and intentions
What is UNICOM ?
- a privately owned air/ground communication station.
- must broadcast position and intentions if designated CTAF is UNICOM
What is LAA?
Local Advisory Airport service
- provided at uncontrolled airports that have an FSS on the field
- extends 10 statute miles out
- provides varied services.
"Self Announce Procedure"

UNICOM (no tower or FSS)
Communicate with UNICOM station on published CTAF;
122.7, 122.725, 122.8, 122.975, or 123.0
"Self Announce Procedure"

No Tower in Operation, FSS open
Communicate with FSS on CTAF
"Self Announce Procedure"

No Tower, FSS, or UNICOM.
Self-announce on MULTICOM freq. 122.9
"Self Announce Procedure"

Tower or FSS Not in Operation.
Self-announce on CTAF.
What is progressive Taxi ?
- A service you can request

- Controller will provide you with precise instructions
If you are lost, what are the 5 C's ?
Climb - for better radio and navaid
Communicate - with any avail. faciltiy from sec. chart
Confess - you are lost
Comply - with directions
Conserve - fuel
When must the ELT battery be replaced ?
After one-half of the battery's useful life, or when the transmitter has been in use for more than one cumulative hour.
What is the freq. range of VHF ?
118.0 MHz - 135.975 MHz
What are the 3 methods of broadcasting your intentions and receiving airport info at uncontrolled airports?
- communication with UNICOM operator
- contacting FSS on the field
- or making a self-announcement broadcast.
What is the VHF range used for aircraft communications and what freq. is used for emergency ?
> 118.0 - 135.975 MHz
> 121.5