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What does Primary Radar do?
- Detects your range
- and Azimuth, the angle of your aircraft.
What does Secondary Radar do? AKA ATCRBS.
Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System.
- Sends interrogator signal
- Gets transponder reply
- Decodes for Mode C alt.
When may you use a Transponder?
You may use it in controlled airspace, only when it has been tested and inspected within at least the preceding 24 calendar months.
What is squawk code 7500, 7600, and 7700?
- 7500 > been hijacked
- 7600 > failure of 2-way communications
- 7700 > used for all emergencies.
What is ASR ?
Airport Surveillance Radar

- Designed to provide short range coverage in the airport vicinity.
What is TRACONs ?
Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities

- provide radar and non-radar services.
- to ensure safe seperation of aircraft transitioning from departure to cruise flight or vice versa.
What is ARSR ?
Air Route Surveillance Radar

- long-range radar used in controlled airspace to manage traffic.
- there are aprox. 100 in the country
What is ARTCCs ?
Air Route Traffic Control Centers

- authority of issuing IFR clearances and managing traffic.
- also provide services to VFR (depending on workload)
- 20 ARTCCs in the U.S.
What is VFR Radar Advisory?
- a service you can request from ATC
- alerts you of air traffic relevant to your flight
When will you receive a safety alert?
If you are in unsafe proximity to terrain, obstructions, or another aircraft.
What is Terminal VFR Radar Service?
This program has 4 types of service.
- Basic radar service
- Terminal Radar Service Area
- Class C service
- Class B service
Basic Radar Service for VFR aircraft includes....?
- safety alerts
- traffic advisories
- and limited radar vectoring
What is ATIS ?
Automatic Terminal Information Service
What do FSSs do?
Flight Service Stations

- are ATC facilities which provide a variety of services to pilots
- weather briefings
- enroute communications
- and VFR search and rescue (SAR)
What does a VHF direction finder do?
If lost, helps ATC locate and guide your aircraft, but needs a VHF transmitter and receiver.