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F-Follow up
U- Uterus
L- Lochia
L- Legs

S- Sustenance
E- Elimination
R- Rest
V- Vaginal Area
I- Intervention
C- Contraception
E- Education

C- Caring
A- Attachment
R- Relationship
E- Emotional Status
Postpartum Care Vaginal Delivery
Vital Signs
Fundus Checks
Lochia Checks
Episitomy/Perineal Care
Postpartum Care Cesarean Delivery
Vital Signs
Oxygen Status
I & O
Incision and Dressing- sterristrips
Fundus & Lochia Checks
Assess Post- Anesthesia State
Postpartum Physiologic Changes
Vital Signs
Temperature increased first 24 hours. up to 100.4
Pulse decreased, Could get tachy not good.
Blood pressure pre-birth levels, usually by 4th postpartum day. Watch orthostatic by hypertension.
Postpartum Breast
1st-2nd day Colostrum
3rd-4th day filling milk forms with milk ducts
.4th day breast may become engorged.
Breast Feed
Frozen cabage help in lactation. Breast binder Ice pack, Analgesics.
Uterus Involution
Reduction of uterus
The return of the uterus to nonpregnant state following birth.
Uterus >Birth
Between symphisis pubis and umbilicus
Uterus 1HR>Birth
Rises to umbilicus (24 hours)
Uterus 24Hrs>Birth
Decreases 1-2 FB per day
Postchildbirth uterine discharge.
Uterine Flow consisting of blood/decidua/WBC/Bacteria
Lochia is measured according to amount
Rubra= 1-3 days
Serosa= 4-10 days
Alba= 10-3 weeks

Not saturationg pad
Fundal massage
1-3 days
Red, lot of blood all in pad, take care 3-4 hours everytime take care of baby, take care of self. Pad dry, change Pad
4-10 days
10 days-3 weeks up to 6 weeks
Alba- Yellowish to white
Tissue swelling/Tender/Eccymosis
Kegel Exercises
Perineal Care
Labia Majora(Trauma of birth)/Minora- Remain Atrophied/Soft
Sitz bath-UTI or Prone to UTI dont do. It Helps with circulation.
Sutures-Ice, edema present give some ice.
Gastrointestinal System
Due to relaxin bowels may be sluggish
Nursing Consideration to prevent/treat Constipation
Drink Fluids
Apple Juice- Sorbital Contains- laxative properties
Fruits/vegetables/whole grains/breads
Stool softners
Genitourinary System
Immediate>Postpartum= Trace Proteinuria
Diuresis=Begins 12 hrs> Delievery-1 week
Diuresis is result of:
Decrease Aldostererone Production
Decrease Sodium Retention
5lb weight loss
Integumentary System
Appear reddened/more prominent
Will Fade into pale white or darker pigmentation, not disappear.
Linea Negra/Chloasma- Line from to syphisis pubis
will disappear.
Emotional status- According to Reva Rubin Maternal Adaption
Day 1- Taking in Phase- Can last 2-3 days
Day 2- Taking Hold Phase- can do self
Letting go phase
Maternal role attainment
According to Ramona Mercer this is how monther learns behaviors
Anticiptory Stage
Formal Stage
Informal Stage
Personal Stage
Anticipatory Stage
Mother gong to model somebody
Formal Stage
Mom acts like other epeople ask her to last 6-8 weeks
Informal Stage
Mom develops own way
Personal Stage
Comfortable Self as mom by 4 months
Father's absorption/pre-occupation/interest in infant
Postpartum blues
(1day-2weeks) 75%-80% Normal temporary usually pass 2 weeks after delivery
Feeling "Emontional Liability"
Cry and do not understand why?
Difficulty concentrating/irritable/tearful/anxious/fatgued/sleep disturbance
Postpartum Assessment
Bubble HHE
Breast-size-Engorged, nipples cracked lactating.
Uterus-Fundle height check
Bowel-Ascuiltate, gone to bathroom, stool softener.
Episiotomyu-Asses site, pressnce of lacation, encourage perineal care
Hemorrhoids-Check site for hemmorrhoids
Homan's sign- Postpartum clots
Education-breast feeding, baby care
1st 6 months of life
Protein Eminoglobulins
Once placenta is delivered no longer inhibit fsa, ovulation contious.
If mom is not breast feeding begin 6-10 weeks. If she is menstrating beings 3-4 months or longer. If HIV postitive, no breast feeding.