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The major purposive of descriptive statistics is:
data reduction.
PRofessor Green wishes to employ inferential statistics. Which of the following is not an assumption he should keep in mind in using sch statistics?
He should attain a 50 percent or better response rate.
The proportionate reduction of error principle involves comparing:
errors made on the dependent variable alone wth errors made knowing both the independent and dependent variables.
Professor Pegret has a hunch that Capricorns are usually jewish. To assess the relationship between zodiac sign and religion, she should use which statistic?
The regression line drawn through a scattergram plotting cases on two variables:
is drawn to minimize the deviations between each case and the line.
Which of teh following best represents what gamma measures?
Similarites and dissimilariaes in rank ordering of each pair of cases acrss two variables.
To find out the relationship between age and frequency of movie attendance, a researcher would use which of the following statistics?
Pearson's r
Professor George has studied the relationship between age and church attendance in a sample of 50 people. He used regression analysis. The oldest person in his sample is 58. A friend wants him to estimate the church attendance for someone who is 64. Which strategy would be best?
Thek ey factor in determining which measure of association to use is:
the level of measurement of the variables.
Prfessor Geertseb calculated a stanard error of two percent in his study of support for a tuition reduction at a university, and foundthat 40 percent supported the motion. What isthe confidence interval for the 95% Confidence level?
36 to 44
Which of teh following is an example of the null hypothesis?
There is no difference between males and females on voting.
A student calculted a chi square significance level of .01 for a table relating gender to liberalism for those 18-25 years old. She calculated a chi square significance level of .5 for the same two variable for those 26-35 years old. Which of the following best summarizes the findings?
She can be more sure of a real relationship between gender and liberalism among those 18-25.