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Content analysis may be applied to:
any form of communication.
Sampling and data analysis are generally more complex in content analysis bcause:
the units of analysis techniques are not always clear.
Which of the following sampling techniques is/are applicable in content analysis>
a. simple random
b. systematic
c. stratified
d. purposive

Professor Hague codes the number of times the work sex is used in commercials. She is examining:
maifest content.
Professor Spykse codes how frequently comedies protray sexual activity. He is examining:
latent content.
Which one of the following is not a strength of content analysis? Or are they all strengths?
a. economy in time and money
b. flexibility and safety
c. allows study of processes over time.
d. unobtrusive

The most common unit of analysis involved in teh analysis of existing statistics is:
Becausemost existing statistics are aggregated researchres must aviord the error of:
drawing conclusions about individuals.
The major disadvantages of analyzing existting data is:
vaidity of measures.
The two features of science used to handle problem of reliability in analysis of existing statistics are:
replication and logical reasoning.
One of the most valuable sources of existing statistics is:
Statistical Abstract of the US.
Professor Dealy performed his historical analysis of race relations over the last 100 years and is now at work developing a conceptual model composed of the essential characteristics of racism. He detailed the core features of racism in his attempt to create a theoretical model of "perfect" racism. He used which one of the following?
Ideal type formation.
The goal in historical analysis is to:
focus on gneralized understanding of changes over time and among cultures.