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Field research differs from other modes of observation in that:
it is both a data-collecting activity and a theory-generating activity.
Professor Sullivan performed an observational study of the norms that govern interactions between cab drivers and their passengers. Which one of the following does this example reflect?
The most serious ethical prblesm exist for which type of researcher role?
Complete participant.
A common first step in doing fied reserach is:
reviewing literature.
Which one of the following is most appropriate for asking questions during field research?
Qualitative interviews.
Which on of the following is false regarding field notes? Or are they all true?
Get the major points, but don't worry about getting as many details as you can.
Professor Patecki did a field research sudy of people attending a new church in his neighborhood. He reflected carefully on how his own characteristics might affect his study as well as how he might interpret the results. Patecki was engaging in:
Ways to establish initial contacts with people you intend to study are especially affected by:
the role you intend to play.
The more reserachers have gone into the field to study their fellow humans face-to-face, the more they have become conscious of implicit assumptions about:
researcer superiority.
In comparison to surveys and experiments, field research has:
high validity and low reliability.