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Maximum demonstrated crosswind component
17 kts
Maximum takeoff & landing weight (normal & utility)
Normal - 2150 lbs
Utility - 1950 lbs
Maximum baggage weight
200 lbs
Maximum positive load factor (normal, utility) with FLAPS UP
Normal - 3.8G
Utility - 4.4G
Maximum positive load factor (normal, utility) with FLAPS DOWN
Normal - 2.0G
Utility - 2.0G
Maximum negative load factor FLAPS UP
Engine Limitations:
Maximum RPM and Normal Operation Range
Max RPM -2700 RPM
NOR - 500-2700 RPM
Maximum and minimum oil quantity
Maximum - 8 quarts
Minimum - 6 quarts
Absolute minumum - 2 quarts
Oil temperature limitations
Normal - 75 to 245F
Maximum - 245F
Oil Pressure limitations
Normal - 60 to 90 psi
Minimum - 25 psi
Maximum - 90 psi
Caution range (idle) - 25 to 60 psi
Total fuel capacity
50 US gallons
Unusable fuel
2 US gallons
Total useable fuel
48 US gallons
Maximum and minimum fuel pressure limitations
Max - 6.0 psi
Min - 0.5 psi
Normal - 0.5 to 6.0 psi
Nosewheel and main tire pressure
24 psi