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Which of these offers a nonspecific defense against a viral infection

a)antibodies b)leukotrienes c)interferon d)histamine
c) interferon
What does this cell secrete

killer T cells
What do mast cells secrete
What do plasma cells secrete
What do macrophages secrete
lysosomal enzymes
Which of these staements about the Fab portion of antibodies is true

a)it binds to antigens b)its amino acid sequences are variable c)it consists of both H and L chains d)all
d) all
Which of these statements about complement proteins C3a and C5a is false

a)They are released during the complement fixation process b)they stim. chemotaxis of phagocytic cells c)they promote the activity of phagocytic cells d)they produce pores in the victim cell membrane
d) they produce pores in th evictim cell membrane
Mast cell secreation during an immediate hypersensitivity reaction is stimulated when antigens combine with

a)IgG antibodies b)IgE antibodies c)IgM antibodies d)IgA antibodies
b)IgE antibodies
During a second immune response

a)antibodies are made quickly and in great amts b)antibody production lasts longer than in a primary response c)antibodies of the IgG class are produced d)lymphocyte clones are believed to develop e)all
e) all
Which of these cell types aids the activation of T lymphocytes by antigens

a)macrophages b)neutrophils c)mast cells d) natural killer cells
Which of these statements about Tlymphocytes is false? Some

a)T cells promote the activity of B cells b)T cells suppress the activity of B cells c)Tcells secrete interferon d)T cells produce antibbodies
d) T cells produce antibodies
Delayed hypersensitivity is mediated by

a)T cells b) B cells c)plasma cells d)natural killer cells
a) T cells
Active immunity may be produced by

a)contracting a disease b)receiving a vaccine c)receiving gamma globulin injections d) A&B e) B&C
d) contracting a disease & receiving a vaccine
Which of these statements about class-2 MHC molecules is true

a)they are found on the surface of B-lymphocytes b)they are found on the surface of macrophages c)they are required for B cell activation by foreign antigen d)they are needed of interaction of helper and killer T cells e)they are presented together w/ foreign antigens by macrophages
c) they are required for B cell activation by a foreign antigen
Describe the cytokine interleukin-1
stimulates ACTH secretion
Describe cytokine interleukin-2
stimulates proliferation of killer T lymphocytes
describe cytokine interleukin-12
stimulates formation of tH1 helper T lymphocytes
Which of these statements about gamma interferon is false

a)It's a polypeptide autocrine regulator b)it can be produced in response to viral infections c)it stims. the immune system to attack infected cells and tumors d)it's produced by almost all cells in the body
d) it's produced by almost all cells in the body