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define absolutism
king/ruler has complete power
name two groups that threatened absolutism and tell why
nobles and church - they wanted power also
who is john locke and what were his political principles as evidenced in Two Treatises of Government?
he was a philosopher - said the government only as strong as people who are in it
describe the reign of Endland's Charles II. Who suceeded him? Why was that bad?
charles was frivolous and worldy

james succeded him - brought catholic tendencies with him. bad because the world was past catholicism now, they were worldy and protestant
what are the Tories and the Whigs?
tories - charles' supporters
whigs - opposition
what was the Glorious Revolution?
William and Mary took over - no bloodshed
What changes did william and mary affect for England?
Bill of Rights, Act of Toleration, Protection to Protestant disenters, Act of Sussesion, Future Kings must be in C.O.E.
Describe the reign of Louis XIV
absolutist - theatrics of kingship, wanted to centralize government
what were Louis XIV goals as far as religion in France?
wanted to unify all catholics in france
Who was Jean Baptists Colbert? What did he do in France?
kinds finance advisor - made sure more money went into the kings coffers

but all that money went away because Louis XIV went to war all the time
Why did Louis XIV want to go to war so much?
expand France's hold, establish dynasty
what was the league of Augsburg and what happened in the 9 Years' War?
started by william of orange to combat Louis XIV because he was on a quest for more power
what is meant by the term balance of power?
to prevent a sincle country from having too much power
what war did the Treaty of Utrecht end? What were the terms of that treaty?
war of spanish succesion - spain and france can't be united under same ruler. england got lots of Spain's new territory, even in new world , SLAVE TRADE RIGHTS