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Afferent arteriole
carries blood to glomerulus
a tuft of capillaries that filters a protein-free plasma into the tubular component
efferent arteriole
carries blood from the glomerulus
peritubular capillaries
supply the renal tissue; involved in exchanges with fluid in the tubular lumen
justaglomerular apparatus
produces substances involved in the control of kidney function.
bowman's capsule
collects glomerular filtrate
proximal tubule
uncontrolled reabsorption an secretion of selected substances occurs here
loop of henle
establishes an osmotic gradient in the renal medulla that is important in the kidney's ability to produce urine of varying concentration
distal tubule and collecting duct
variable, controlled reabsorption of Na+ and water and secretion of K+ and H+ occur here; fluid leaving the collecting duct is urine, which enters the renal pelvis
Glomerular Filtration
nondiscriminant filtration of protein-free plasma from the glomerulus into bowman's capsule
Tubular Reabsorption
selective movement of filtered substances from the tubular lumen into the peritubular capillaries
Tubular Secretion
Selective movement of nonfiltered substances from the peritubular capillaries into the tubular lumen
glomerular capillary blood pressure
fluid pressure exerted by the blood within the glomerular capillaries
plasma-colloid osmotic pressure
caused by the unequal distribution of plasma proteins across the glomerular membrane
bowman's capsule hydrostatic pressure
the pressure exerted by fluid in this initial part of the tubule