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What is acceleration?
It is the rate of change of speed or velocity.
What is direction?
It is the course along which an object moves.
What is displacement?
It is the length of the shortest path from start to finish, coupled with direction.
What is distance?
It is the length of the total path taken.
What is kinematics?
It is the study and description of motion.
What is magnitude?
It is a property of an object's size.
What is a qualitative description?
It is a description done solely in words.
What is a quantitative description?
It is a description given in numbers.
What is a reference point?
It is the starting point for describing any motion.
What is a scalar?
A scalar is a quantity that has magnitude but no direction.
What is SI?
It it the International System of Units.
What is speed?
It is the rate of change of distance.
What is a vector?
It is a quantity that has both magnitude and direction.
What is velocity?
It is an object's displacement, divided by the time it takes to move that amount.
What is air resistance?
It is a form of friction between a moving solid object and air that causes the object to slow down.
What is free fall?
It is motion in which the only force acting is the force of gravity.
What is gravity?
It is the natural force of attraction Earth exerts on objects at or near its surface, which tends to draw them towards Earth's center.
What is a vacuum?
It is space in which all air has been removed.
What is a projectile?
It is an object that can be fired or launched into the air but cannot propel itself through the air.
What is projectile motion?
It is the motion of an object in which it moves both vertically and horizontally at the same time.
What is a resultant displacement?
It is the shortest path from start to finish.
What is a resultant vector.
It is the sum of two or more vectors.