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What is length measured in?
What is mass measured in?
What is volume measured in?
cubic meter and liters
Why do you only change one variable at a time?
Because if you change more it's harder to see the end result.
Why is no experiment a failure?
Because experiments are real happenings of the world.
What are scientific tools? and examples
They use these for special types of observation?
What is used for scientific measurements
SI or International System of Units
What is time measured in?
What is the difference between mass and weight?
Mass is a measure of the quantity of matter in an object and weight is the force with thich gravity pull on a quantity of matter.
What is the best type of chart to show data that changes?
A Line Graph
What is the difference between precision and accuracy?
Precision is the degree of exactness of a measurement and Accuracy is the extent to which the measurement approches it's true value.
Using superconductors to build computers is an example of_______
Name three branches of the biological science?
Botany, Zoology, and Ecology
What are the three branches of natural science?
Bilogial, Physical, and earth
What are the two branches of Physical Science?
Physics and Chemistry
What is pure science?
Continuing search for scientific knowledge.
Qualitative Statement
describes with words something you have seen many times
Quantitative Statement
stated as mathematical equations
What is a model?
A representation of an object or event.
What is critical thinking
applying logic and reason to observations and conclusions
What is the scientific Method?
a series of logical steps to follow in order to solve problems.
what is the first step of the scientific method?
What is the second step of the scientific method?
Form a question
what is the third step of the scientific method?
Collect Data
what is the third step of the scientific method?
Collect Data
What is the fourth of SM?
5th of SM
Test hypothesis
6th of SM
7th of SM
Draw conclusions