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The process in which light nuclei combine at extremely high temperatures, forming heavier nuclei and releasing energy.
What is Fusion? (234)
Ex. Solar Energy is continuously producing light and heat by combining two atoms of hydrogen in making 1 atom of helium.
A collection of millions or billions of stars bound together by gravity.
What is a Galaxy? (527)
Ex. The Earth is found in the Milky Way _______.
The high-energy electromagnetic radiation emitted by a nucleus during radioactive decay.
What is a Gamma Ray? (222)
A form of radiation emitted by radium which has no electric charge and penetrates up to 60cm of aluminum or 7cm of lead.
A device that uses electromagnetic induction to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.
What is a Generator? (476)
Used by large power plants to create electricity from mechanical energy with the use of falling water, steam, wind, geothermal energy, nuclear fission, or solar power.
An increase in Earth's temperature due to an increase in Greenhouse gases.
What is Global Warming? (650)
This hole in the ozone layer of earths atmosphere can create rise in temperatures which in turn melts the glaciers, causes oceans to rise, and major climate changes to occur.
The attraction between two particles of matter due to their mass.
What is Gravity? (266)
This force between objects gets weaker as the distance between the two objects increases. Not magnetism.
The process by which the atmosphere traps some of the energy form the sun in the troposphere.
What is the Greenhouse Effect? (604)
This could cause Global Warming resulting in melting icecaps, rising ocean levels, and droughts in some parts of the world.
A vertical column of elements in the periodic table; also called a family of elements.
What is a Group? (refers to Periodic Table) (80)
This name refers to elements in vertical columns which change form more reactive metals to less reactive nonmetals as you move from left to right across the Periodic Table of Elements.
A collection of millions or billions of stars bound together by gravity.
What is a Galaxy? (527)
Ex. Earth is located in the Milky Way ______?___.
An instrument that measures the amount of current in a circuit.
What is a Galvanometer? (471)
Measures electrical current in ammeters and voltage in voltmeters. It detects current, or movement of charges in a circuit.