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How do you write up a pulse
Rate, Rhythm, Amplitude
alterations in pulsation, small amplitude alternating w/ large; rhythm is normal
pulsus alternans
what can causes pulsus alternans
lv failure
exaggerated decrease in the amplitude of pulsation during inspiration, increased amplitude during expiration
pulsus paradoxus
normal pulse for women
80-85 bpm
normal pulse for men
70-75 bpm
normal pulsation followed by a pvc. amplitude of the pvc is also less then normal pulse
bigeminal pulse
Fissures/cracks at angle of lips
dry, cracked lips
swelling of one or both of lips
most common oral tumor
squamos cell carcinoma
freckling of lips
peutz-jeghers syndrome
primary lesion of syphillis on lips
causes of this: congenital, trauma, thumb sucking, jaw pain
results of this: TMJ, headaches, speech problems, poor nutrition
inflammation of the gums; erythematous, swollen, bleed easily
caused by untreated gingivitis, common cause of tooth loss in adults, receding gums
vitamin C deficiency
punched out interdental papillae, abrupt onset, w/ malaise, inc salivation, fetid breath, interdental grayish membrance, spontaneous bleeding of gums
acute necrotizing gingivitis
gingival hypertrophy causes
dilantin, pregnancy, ocs, leukemia; insidious onset
epulis causes
inflammatory reaction, may be neoplastic; localized gingival enlargement
l' me c ms stands for
Buccal Mucosa:
stenson's duct
small white or yellow lesions on erythematous backgrounds
aphthous ulcers
small whitish yellow spots on lips and buccal mucosa, non-painful, arise from sebaceous glands
fordyce spots
bony outgrowth of palate
torus palatinus
lesion of vascular origin; most often found in hiv pts
kaposi's sarcoma
causes of uvula deviation
peritonsillar abscess & CN X lesion/defect (deviate "ahhway" from lesion)
areas of tongue denuded of papillae, map like pattern, may change pattern, no change in pain or taste
geographic tongue
painless white plaque adher to mucous membrane; cannot be scratched off

who is it prominent in

smokers, alcohol abuse, autoimmune disorders
sore, painful, erythematous, patchy tongue
white patch adh to mucous membrane; can be scratched off leaving red, raw surface

associated with:
oral candidiasis

HIV, corticosteroid use, antibiotic use, immunosuppression, xerostomia
deviation of the tongue can be due to
a lesion or abnormality of CN XII or muscular weakness of tongue muscles; deviate "t"owards side of lesion or musc. weakness
tenacious gray membrance on oral mucosa, sore throat, nasal d/c, hoarseness, malaise, fever, myocarditis, neuropathies
what conducts sound waves to auditory canal
autosomal dominant, small cartilaginous protuberance, most commonly along the concave edge of the posteriorsuperior helix
darwin's tubercle
anomaly of external ear associated w/ predisposition to obstructive cad
creased lobe
error in metabolism or defect in purine synthesis or a defect in the renal excretion of uric acid
gouty tophus
caused by repeated blunt trauma to auricle; produces subperichondrial separation w/ focal generation of fibrous tissue & scar formation
cauliflower ear
acute localized spreading cellulitis of external ear, may spread to face; group a strep most common
on external ear, reddened papules progressing to vesicles, progressing to crusts; typically unilateral,
herpes zoster
most common organism cultured in otitis externa is
the eustachian tube connects
middle ear to posterior portion of nasopharynx