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Who received the NOBEL PRIZE for figuring out the biochemical pathway that produces GLUCOSE?
Melvin Calvin
Why are the carotenoid collors (like red, orange, brown) visible in leaves in the fall, but not other times?
Chlorophyll production is stopped.
What do plants need to absorb energy from light?
molecules that have pigments like (chlorophyll & cartene)
How many molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2) are used to make 1 molecule of glucose (C6H12O6)?
What things are required for photosynthesis to happen?
Water, Carbon dioxide, chlorophyll and light energy
Who carefully MEASURED the mass of a growing plant and concluded the INCREASE came from water?
How do other colored pigments like the carotenoids help cholorphyll carry out photosynthesis?
Absorb some wavelength that chlorophyll does not
What region of the visible spectrum does chlorophyll absorbs light very well?
What is the chemical equation photosynthesis?
6CO2 + 6H2O → 6H12O6 + 6O2
Who showed that plants produce OXYGEN when EXPOSED to light?
Jan Ingenhousz
If a plant is kept under green colored light for an extended period of time, what do you think will happen to the rate of photosynthesis?
slow or stop
Why do most plants appear green?
Chlorophyll refects green light
Who experimented with a PLANT, BELL JAR and CANDLE to show that plants make OXYGEN?
Joseph Priestley
What gas is given off by a green plant in bright sunlight at room temperature?
Probably Oxygen