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Antiplatelet Agent
1.prevents thrombosis formation
2.prevents clotting by blocking an enzyme in platelets which causes pl. aggregation. this last for the life of the pl. 7-10 days
*pts with acute myocardial infarction they are instructed to call 911 and take an ASA
Side effects of Aspirin
bleeding, PUD
in children under 18-Reye's syndrome
Dosage of Aspirin
Cases for heparin
will put on pump for contiuous heparin infusion
to evaluate his response to heparin with a PTT test
give coumadin/warfarin also because the onset for this is 2-5 days
teach him the safe procedures for use of heparin
tell him to avoid aspirin and vitamin K+
Vit K+ and aspirin could cause PUD
Thrombolytic Agents
(only for emergencies)
1. IV meds used to dissolve or breakdown(in heart or brain) thrombi in an acute situation (ie MI, pulmonary embolism) Occasionally used to dissolve clots in IV catheters
Major side effect: bleeding, which may be severe b/c fibrinolysis is non-selective
Contraindications- severe HTN, recent trauma or CVA, PUD
Must give within 3 hrs of stroke