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The lack of basic consumer skills and training in how to manage finances set the stage for financial difficulty, what are the other contributing factors that impact navy lifesyle
-High cost of living in the U.S/Overseas
-Prevalence of easy credit
-High pressure sales tactics
-Undisciplined buying
-Consumer rip-offs
what are the (3)three major elements of the PFM program
-Financial education and training
-Financial information and referral
-Financial counseling
What are the qualification of the command financial specialist(cfs)
-E6 and above,W2/01
-Highly motivated and financially stable
-complete the cfs training
-1 yrs left at the command
-participate in cont. edu
what is the function of the of the CFS
-establish,organize and administer the command PFM program
-provide counseling to individual members
-perform financial screening
-maintain records of training,counseling conducted/referrals and ensure confidentially of records
what are the guidlines for overseas screeing
-complete a financial planning worksheet
-cfs will counsel member on living expenses,etc on the location
-debt to ratio(30%)/no outstanding or unresolved letters of indebtedness/returned checked
what is the responsibilities of the DCNO(MP)
establish navy pfm program policy and liaison with DOD and other agencies
(program sponsor)
what is the responsibilities of the Command,Navy Personnel Command
-coordinate training with CNET
-maintain program effectiveness and currency
-integrate militarty and civilian personnel in the program
-provide guidance to all policy and plans
-develop training materials and program
-conduct periodic program evaluation and updates
what is the responsibilities of the CNET
-provide training to all recruits at RTC,A school,GMT,NROTC,and training courses in NITRAS/CANTRAC
what is the responsibilities of the Chief of Information
coordination with the program manager,review and provide info for the navy internal media