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What is the short chemical equation for ammonification?
Urea->NH4+ or NH3
Explosive chemical in Dynamite?
Father of taxonomy?
What are the three types of prokaryotes?
Aerobes, anarobes, and faculative anarobes.
What does the suffix gen mean?
to make or create
Where do chemical reactions take place in Eukaryotic Cells? Simultaneosly or Consecutive?
Organelles, Simultaneously
Which are one celled, Eukaryotes or Prokaryotes?
What winds up DNA during replication?
Define redox.
The Counting system for movement of electrons.
List the taxonomy for humans.
Eukaria, Animalia, Chordata, Mamalia, Primate, Hominid, Homo, Homo Sapien.
Macromolecules and their Micromolecus?
Lipids- Fatty Acids
Protiens- Amino Acids
Nucliec Acids- Nucleotides
What is N2 -> NH4+
Nitrogen Fixation
What trees are common trees around bogs?
Tamarack and pine
Rhizobiums use the enzyme ________ to break N N triple bonds?
True or False? Eukaryotes have very small cells?
Where is the gas NO made?
In combustion engines
_________ live on nodules of legumes.

Not Ribosomes!
What does karyos mean?
core or nucleus
What are the four kingdoms?
Animalia, Plantae, Protista, and Fungi
What is the cell wall in bacteria cells made of?
What are cell membranes made of?
Phospholipid bilayers
When did Eukaryotes show up?
2.7 billion years ago
When did Archeans show up?
3.8 billion years ago
What domain does bacteria belong to?
What percent of fixed nitrogen did Chile supply in 1913
What is chlorophyl contained in?
What types of cells are squishy?
Animal cells
Name 4 legumes?
Soy beans, beans, alfaalfa, peas, clover
How much of the atmosphere is CO2 and at one point what was at it.
.03 and 15 %
What are the four important eras?
Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic
What were bogs in Florida used for?
burial grounds
What is another name for cytoplasm
Luck :)
What is adipose
Fatty tissue
What does meso- mean
Cell membrane is made of...
phospholipid bilayer
How many chromosomes does a red blood cell have
What is it called when N03 -> N2
What does pro mean?
prior to or before
What does troph mean?
food or nutrition
What does oligo mean?
What is the cell wall made of?
Descibe a mesotrophic lake?
Some plants, medium sized fish
What does halophilic mean?
salt loving
What is the primary reservoir of Nitrogen
What does Eu mean?
Good or true
What are the types or rocks?
Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary
What percentage of the atmosphere is Oxygen, Nitrogen, and C02?
20% Oxygen, 79% Nitrogen, and .03% CO2
What is the process where nitrates in the soil are lost in groundwater?
What is NH4 -> NO3?
What does skippy do in the diagram?
Assimilation Biosynthesis
What does Nitrogens Oxidation number in N2O
In Eukaryotes, what are the linear strips of DNA called?
What type of cell in the human body has no nucleus?
Adult Red Blood Cells
Greatest Reservoir of Phosphorous?
In Rocks
Name some Fungi
Mushrooms, yeast, mildew, ringworm
What was the main way carbon entered the atmosphere 4.2 bya?
Volcanic Eruptions
What is melanin?
Pigments in your body?
How many feet of DNA are in sex Cells?
3 Feet ( Half of the 6 feet of regular cells)
Saltpeters chemical formula?
What is the largest creature?
In 1913 what rank was the U.S. as a supplier of fixed nitrogen?
In 1913, who were the top 3 suppliers of fixed Nitrogen? (in order)
Chile, Germany, and Great Britian
Why was there demand for KNO3?
it was a explosive and fertilizer
What is the role of an enzyme in a reaction?
Acts as a catalyst and lowers the amount of energy needed to have a reaction
What is the composition of Cytosol?
85% Water and 15% Protien
What is the chemical formula for Laughing Gas?
What is the common name of Trinitrotoulene?
What is the method for creating Fixed Nitrogen?
Haber-Bosch Process