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What is glycogen loading?
Altering exercise duration and carbohydrate intake to maximize muscle glycogen
What heat disorder causes dizziness?
Heat syncope
What heat disorder causes muscle spasms?
Heat cramps
Which heat disorders cause Excessive sweating, weakness, nausea, dizziness, headache, and difficulty concentrating ?
Heat exhaustion and heatstroke
What kind of dietary iron is found in plant sources and supplements?
Non-heme iron
Binding factors affect what process?
What are sources of thiamin?
Whole or enriched grains
sunflower seeds
What are sources of niacin?
Enriched breads or cereals
What are sources of riboflavin?
What are sources of B6?
Enriched breads
Starchy vegetables
What are sources of pantothenic acid?
egg yolk,
oat cereals,
tomato products
What does choline function in?
Fat and cholesterol metabolism/transport, and in cell membranes and neurotransmission
What does iodine do?
Component of thyroid hormones, regulates body temperature and metabolism, and is important for reproduction and growth
Fat accumulation in the liver is a sign of deficiency of what nutrient?
What are good sources of iodine?
Saltwater fish and iodized salt
What are two iodine deficiency disorders?
Cretinism, and hypothyroidism
What disorder has mental retardation and stunted growth?
What disorder causes decreased body temperature, cold intolerance, weight gain, fatigue, and sluggishness?
What is beriberi caused by?
Thiamin deficiency
What are the symptoms of beriberi?
Muscle wasting and nerve damage
What is ariboflavinosis caused by?
Riboflavin deficiency
What are the symptoms of ariboflavinosis?
sore throat and swollen mucous membranes
What is pellagra caused by?
Niacin deficiency
Skin, blood, and nerve tissue damages is caused by deficiency of what?
Vitamin B6
2/3 of body fluid comes from where?
Within the cell (intracellular)
1/3 of body fluid comes from where?
Extracellular (outside of the cell)
Which electrolytes have a positive charge?
Na, and K (sodium and potassium), Ca2+
What charge does a Chloride ion (Cl) have?
What are the 3 main sources of body fluids?
Beverages, foods, metabolic water
What stimulates the kidneys to reabsorb water?
Antidiuretic hormone
What does antidiuretic hormone do?
Stimulates the kidneys to reabsorb water
What responds to decrease in blood pressure?
What does renin respond to?
Decrease in blood pressure
What does angiotensin II do?
Increase blood pressure
What increases blood pressure?
Angiotensin II
What signals the kidneys to retain sodium and chloride?
What does aldosterone do?
Signals kidneys to retain sodium and chloride (Na and Cl)
Water loss through exhalation is what kind of water loss?
insensible water loss
Excretion of urine and sweating are what kind of water loss?
Sensible water loss
Systolic pressure is over what number?
140 mm Hg
Diastolic blood pressure is over what number?
90 mm Hg