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what is discipline?
a body of knowledge expressed in practice and changed by research.
nursing is...
an art and a science.
what is the nursing metaparadigm?
person- towards human beings
environment- internal and external
health- disease or illness, emotional/physical
evolution of professional nursing
prehistoric times and early civilization
men and women, community health, 16th century- they believed illness was a supernatural action by the gods, caregivers were looked down on
who is the Greek father of medicine?
Hippocrates, 400 B.C.
he was an advanced physician, he developed care in homes and Greek spas.
what is the Caduceus?
emblem for medicine, wings from feet of Mercury, serpents and the staff.
early Christian era and Middle Ages (476-1450 AD)
community health, need for early hospitals
what were crusades?
nurses and soldiers, they were honored, military nursing orders
Renaissance and Reformation (1500-1700 AD)
it was a bad time for nursing, educated physicians, men disappeared, plagues spread, poorly educated criminals became nurses, women remained in the home.
Colonial America
1751- first hospital in U.S., Pennsylvania, founded by Ben Franklin
Florence Nightingale
founder of professional nursing
where is she from?
how did she become a nurse?
against parents wishes, highly educated, family trip- stopped at hospital in Germany (Kaiserworth)
what did she create?
English Training School when the war began, she took nurses in Turkey to help injured soldiers, she used British and family $.
what was she called?
the lady with the lamp.
who did she educate?
the first nursing leaders in big hopsitals
she was the first nursing researcher with statistics who began record keeping.
asepsis, infection control.