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Structural kinesiology
study of skeletal & muscular muscles that are involved in the science of movement
Appendicular skeleton
126 bones; appendages (lower and upper extremitites) and shoulder and pelvic girdles
Axial skeleton
80 bones; ribs, sternum, skull, & vertebral column


below (inferior)

above (higher or superior)

opposite side
Plane of motion
imaginary 2-dimensional surface thru which a limb or body segment is moved
Cardinal planes

Sagittal (Anteroposterior or AP)


divide the body into 2

bisects body from front to back

bisects body from side to side

divides body into superior and inferior
Functions of skeleton
1. protect of vital soft tissues (heart, lungs, brain)
2. support to maintain posture
3. movement by serving as pts of attachment for muscles & acting as levers
4. storage for minerals (calcium & phosphorus)
5. hemopoiesis
process of blood formation that occurs in red bone marrow
What is 60-70% of bone weight made up of?
calcium carbonate & calcium phosphate
How much % of bone weight does water make up?
Origin and insertion of opponens pollicis
Origin- trapezius
Insertion- 1st metacarpal
Origin, insertion, & action of rhomboideus major
Origin- spine of T2-T5
Insertion- posterior scapula, medial border, below the spine
Action- adducts & downwardly rotates shoulder girdle
Origin & insertion of rhomboideus minor
Origin- spine of C7-T1
Insertion- spine of scapula, medial border of the posterior side
Wolffe's law
bones of the human skeleton develop & strengthen along the lines of stress
Concentric muscle contraction
muscle contracts & shortens
Eccentric muscle contraction
the muscle contracts & lengthens
Static muscle contraction
the muscle contracts but neither shortens or lengthens
When you're lifting a weight up & down while laying down, what muscle are you using?
Which muscle contraction gets you into static muscle contraction?
When you're staying still while flexing, which muscle contraction are you in?
Which axis does the sagittal plane revolve around?
where there is more calcium & where strong bone & muscle attach
Give a reason of why someone may loose calcium in their bones
exercise, if they're female b/c of menapause and they've stopped producing estrogen
When you move your arm above 90 degrees, what movement are you making?
upward rotation
Diarthrodial joints
moving joints
Why are ball & socket joints unique
they circumduct
What makes up the elbow joint and what type of joint is it?
olecronon procees & ulna
hinge joint
What type of curve are you born with?
When you're a baby and you lift your head, what curve do you get?
What kind of curve do you get when you stand?
What protects & gives the tendon a curve on the knee?
the patella
Give an example of a unipennate, bipennate, multi-pennate, & longitudinal muscle
Unipennate- vascus lateralis
Bipennate- biceps
Multi-pennate- trapezius
Longitudinal- brachialis
If the origin & insertion of a muscle is oblique, how will the action be?
What does clavicle mean in greek & latin?
Greek- strut
Latin- key
What does serratus mean?
What is a strong abductor of the shoulder girdle?
serratus anterior
Does the shoulder girdle muscle attach to the humerus?
Name the rotator cuff muscles
supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapular, teres minor
Lombard's paradox
the ability of a 2-joint muscle to function at one end & relax at another