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How long can Thicknet Ethernet be?(maximum)
500 meters
How fast is Thicknet Ethernet? (Maximum)
10 Mbps
What is Thicknet Ethernet also called?
What type of cable does Thicknet Ethernet use?
What does the RG in RG-8 stand for?
Radio Grade
What is ThinNet Ethernet also called?
10Base2 or CheaperNet
How long can ThinNet Ethernet be? (Maximum)
185 meters
How fast is ThinNet Ethernet?(Maximum)
10 Mbps
What type of cable does ThinNet Ethernet use?
Is Thinnet easier or harder to configure than ThickNet?
Name these four types of wireless networks:
1. W_______
2. H_______
3. I_______
4. B_______
1. Wi-fi
2. HomeRF
3. IrDA
4. Bluetooth
What is Bluetooth poised to replace?
True of False: Wi-fi uses radio waves.
True or false: IrDA uses radio waves.
false, it uses infrared light.
What does Wi-Fi stand for?
Wireless Fidelity
What does WAP stand for? (relates to wireless networks)
Wireless Access Point
True or False: There are some WAPs that act as switches and internet routers.
What does CSMA/CA stand for?
Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collison Avoidance
True or False: Wired networks use CSMA/CA and wireless networks use CSMA/CD.
False, wireless networks use CSMA/CA and wired networks use CSMA/CD
Is RTS/CTS used in wireless networks or wired networks?
What does RTS/CTS stand for?
Request to Send/Clear to Send
What does ACK stand for? (Relates to RTS/CTS)
What does SSID stand for?
Service Set Identifier
Does Windows 2000 have built in settings to configure an SSID?
No, for NT,9x, 2000 etc you must have third party software. Windows XP has built in settings.
What is ad-hoc mode for wireless networks also called?
peer to peer
What does IBSS stand for? (relates to ad-hoc mode in wireless networking.)
Independent Basic Service Set
True or false: In Infrastructure mode, two or more nodes form an IBSS.
False, in ad-hoc mode, two or more computers for an IBSS.
True or false: Ad-hoc networks are easier to configure than Infrastructure networks.
True or false: Ad-hoc networks are suited for large numbers of computers.
false, they are suited for small numbers of computers, no more than a dozen.
True or false, ad-hoc networks can be good for temporary networks such as study groups or business meetings.