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What are the S and S of Meloidogyne?
Known as root knot nematodes
sedentary endoparasites
cause galls due to growth regulators
What are the S and S of Heterodera?
Cyst nematodes
sedentary endoparasites
create large cells (syncytia)
females lemon-shaped
lay eggs within bodies
What are the signs and symptoms of Belonolaimus?
Sting nematodes
wilt and stunting
What are the 4 orders common in soil?
Rhabditida (buccal cavities)
Dorylaimida (odontostylets)
Tylenchida (stomatostylets)
Triplonichida (onchiostylets)
What are the signs and symptoms of Aphelenchoides?
Foliar nematode
migratory endoparasites
angular lesions on leaves
What are the S and S of Hoplolaimus?
Lance nematode
migratory endoparasites
lesions, discoloration, rotting of roots
What disease does Trichodorus vector?
Corky ringspot