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Nation Ensign - Meaning of Stripes
13; 7 red, 6 white represent the original 13 states
National Ensign - Meaning of Colors
Red- blood shed in defense of our nation
White- purity of our nation
Blue- pride in our nation
National Ensign - Meaning of Stars
50 stars, 50 states
What does "port" mean?
What does "starboard" mean?
What is the oldest commissioned ship in the Navy?
USS Constitution; nicknamed "Old Ironsides"
What is the depth of a fathom?
6 feet
Who is the person responsible for naming ships?
Secretary of the Navy
What is the birthday of the Navy?
13 Oct 1775
What are the Navy's colors?
Blue and Gold
Who is the father of the Navy?
John Paul Jones
Who is the father of the nuclear Navy?
Adm Hyman G. Rickover
What does the Navy Ensign stand for?
Eagle- nat'l defense
Anchor- maritime tradition
Ship at Sea- US Naval Service
Ship- USS Constitution
Birthday of Marine Corps?
10 Nov 1775
Birthplace of Marine Corps
Tunn Tavern Philadelphia, PA
First Commandent of the Marine Corps?
Captain Samuel Nichols
Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps?
Archibald Henderson
Meaning of the Blood Stripe?
In memory of those who died at Chapultapec
Meaning of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor?
Eagle- nat'l defense
Globe- worldwide service
Anchor- maritime tradition
Mascot of the Marine Corps?
English Bulldog
Marine Corps Motto
Semper Fidelis- "Always Faithful"
Origin of the nickname Devil Dog?
Given by Germans in WWI
Origin of the nickname Leatherneck
Marines used to wear high leather collars to defend against sword slashes