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When is the petty officer of the watch (POOW) the primary enlisted assistant to the officer of the deck (OOD)?
In port
For detailed information on preparing naval correspondence, you should refer to what document?
Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual, SECNAVINST 5216.5
The commanding officer, officer in charge, or the person acting in either position must personally sign what documents?
Those which establish policy, those which make changes to the command's mission, and those required by law or regulation
If signature authority has been delegated to the leading petty officer, what documents is he/she NOT allowed to sign?
DD 214
The basic requirements for maintaining the ship's deck log are contained in what documents?
U.S. Navy Regulations and Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy
At times deck logs may be used in what legal actions?
Naval courts, admiralty proceedings, and civilian courts
If you make a mistake in a deck log, you must take what corrective action?
Draw a single line through the mistake
Deck log entries must be clear, concise, accurate, and be?
preceded by the time of occurrence
The overall responsibility for the deck log belongs to the?
To confirm that the ship's casualty alarms are operating properly, the POOW tests them during what watch?
Deck log entries regarding the status of the ship (moored, anchored, in dry dock, etc.) location, services being received, ships present, and senior officer present afloat (SOPA) are made during what watch?
What log contains information on policy changes and routine items, such as liberty call times?
passdown log
The level of security of a command is determined by the?
sensitivity of different parts of the command and/or the state of prevention, such as attacks by terrorists
What security force is called away by an alarm when there is an unauthorized entry by an unknown person?
Security Alert Team
True or False. There is only one reason to surrender your weapon to an unauthorized person.
True or False. The use of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity as a last resort when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed and only under one or more explicit circumstances.
What naval authority has defined the term deadly force?
Normally how many magazines are issued with a pistol?
When the pistol has a lanyard attached, what must be done during exchange of the pistol to the next watch stander?
keep the lanyard around your neck until your relief has positive control of the pistol
When there are five rounds in a magazine, you can see the brass casing of a bullet in what opening from the bottom of the magazine?
Side boys are NOT paraded on what day?
Side boys are NOT paraded during what times?
Between sunset and 0800
An informal visit of courtesy requiring no special ceremonies is a?
When a gun salute is prescribed on arrival, it is fired as the visitor approaches and is?
still clear of the side
When a gun salute is not prescribed on arrival and a flag or pennant is to be displayed during the visit, the flag is broken at what point of the pipe?
When a visitor is ready to leave the ship, the guard presents arms; all persons on the quarterdeck salute; and ruffles and flourishes,followed by music, is sounded. What happens next?
visitor is piped over the side
When a gun salute is directed upon departure, it is fired?
when the visitor is clear of the side
The POOW should notify the OOD of a change during any 1-hour period in the barometric pressure reading of a minimum of how many inches?
What instrument is designed to measure barometric pressure?
aneroid barometer
What is the average atmospheric pressure at sea level in inches of mercury?
What weather condition(s) does an anemometer measure?
wind speed and direction
What are the wind speeds of a gale warning?
39-54 mph
What are the wind speeds of a hurricane warning?
74+ mph
What are the wind speeds for a small craft warning?
up to 38 mph
What are the wind speeds associated with a Storm warning with tropical winds?
55-73 miles per hour
As POOW, you will be required to make sure the anchor lights and the aircraft warning lighs are turned on at sunset and turned off at sunrise when the ship is in what conditions?
How many minutes before sunset should the ship's anchor lights be tested?
The anchor lights must be visible on a clear night for how many nautical miles?
The anchor ball, displayed in the forward part of the ship, is what color(s)?
What factors will determine if a PO3 is assigned as a section leader?
size of the command and number of personnel assigned to his or her duty section
As a section leader, you report to what person after normal working hours?
Department duty officer
What, if any, responsibilities belong to the police petty officer?
Not a part of master-at-arms, responsible for berthing cleanliness and maintaining silence after taps
When you are assigned as a temporary master-at-arms, how long is the usual tour of duty?
6 months
Authority to create a shore patrol outside the continental limits of the United States has been delegated to naval area representatives by the?
True or False. When serving on shore patrol overseas, you apprehend an unauthroized absentee who presents an orderly appearance and is obviously returning to base. You should permit the Sailor to proceed.
True or False. Shore patrol personnel should never accept concessions, such as favors or gifts.
True or False. When standing shore patrol duties, you normally have jurisdiction over military dependants (civilians) and military personnel.
True or False. Enlisted shore patrol personnel should apprehend an officer only when situations offer no alternative.
Tru or False. When apprehending members of the opposite sex, it is never permissible to have physical contact.
A squad at full strength normally consists of how many personnel?
A platoon consists of a minimum of how many squads?
two or more
A company consists of how many platoons?
two or more
Quick time is cadence at how many steps per minute?
Slow time is cadence at how many steps per minute?
For quick time, at the command MARCH, step off smartly with the left foot and continue the march in steps of what length in inches?
30 inches
For back step, at the command BACKWARD MARCH, take steps straight to the rear in what length of step in inches?
15 inches
For a column right, on the command column right, MARCH, what pivot angle is taken to the right?
90 degrees