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A 40-year-old male returns from a business trip to Brazil and complains of a form of black dandruff.
He spent the trip traveling across the country looking for pottery to export to the United States.
His only contact with someone with his current condition was a maid who took care of the room he stayed in.
An examination reveals gritty, hard black encrustations on the hair shafts of his head.
Black piedra found in south america

piedra hortae
A 20-year-old female waitress from Sloppy Joes complains of having her blond hair darkened by the water she splashes on it during hot days.
Conformation of this disease is by examination of the nodules for
Black piedra: piedra hortae

A 25-year-old female in southern Florida acquired a fashionable suntan but the results were not what she had anticipated.
Her tan appeared uneven with well-outlined, hypo-pigmented lesions on her upper torso.
A microscopic examination of skin scales using potassium hydroxide solution revealed yeast cells and hyphae resembling "spaghetti and meat balls."
What is the cause of this disease?
Versicolor: Malassezia furfur
A 45-year-old male Harley biker presents with painless brownish-black macules in the palm of his throttle hand.
It started after a rode trip during the rainy season in Seattle.
The causative agent of this lesion is a species of
Tinea nigra: Hortaea werneckii
A 30-year-old female nursery worker has soft, white, painless nodules around the cuticles of hair shafts on her head.
The infection has resulted in nodular swellings that contain mycelia.
The causative agent is
White piedra: Trichasporon ovoides

white tricks with oval bootey
A 5-year-old female presents with a chronic infection of the external ear characterized by itching, pain, inflammation, and draining secretions.
This infection is found
otomycosis is found worldwide.

Of the superfical mycoses, only Black piedra is not worldwide (south america)
All forms of superficial mycosces can be passed person-to-person except
A 25 year old patient complains of chronic external ear infections. fragments of mycelium was found in the exudate. What spp caused this?
Otomycosis is caused by Aspergillus, pencillium, mucor, and Rizopus spp.
What treatment is used for Otomycosis and versicolor?
What treatment is used for Black and white piedra?
Selenium sulfide
What forms of superficial mycoses can be acquired from stagnant water?
Tienea Nigra and White piedra
What forms of superficial mycoses can be acquired from soil?
Black & White piedra and Tinea nigra
What form of superficial mycoses can be treated by Miconazole?
Tinea Nigra
Do superficial mycoses yield any type of immunity?
NO, immunity does not occur after superficial mycoses infections
Malazzezia is transmitted by human contact with
Infection of the hair-shafts with white nodular swellings on the hair is characteristic of
Trichospron ovoides

White piedra

White tricks with oval booty
Black, painless nodules on hair shafts are common in patients with
Black piedra

Piedra hortae
Brownish-black, nonscaly painless nodules, mottled with deep pigmentation at the advancing periphery, found on the feet, are characteristic of
Tinea nigra