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tx. of lyme disease?
doxycycline for local, cephalosporin or chloramphenicol for early or late disseminated
pain on hopping and extreme ROM?
femoral neck stress fx.
female triad?
amenorrhea, eating disorder, osteoporosis
slap cheek and boxing glove?
parvo B-19
dx. of b-19?
anti b-19 IgM
weeks of arthalgia, sore on palms, and tx.?
n. gonorrhea and ceftriaxone
compression force will cause femoral neck fx. on which side?
inferior side
conservative tx. for what kind of neck stress fx.?
compression (inferior side), usually younger runners
MC location of hamstring strain?
proximal myotendinous junc.
MC location of pelvic avulsion fx.?
ischial tuberosity
MC age of osteonecrosis?
major blood supply to femoral head?
lateral epiphyseal art.
suspicion of AVN of femoral head when?
normal x-ray and any risk factors
MC presentation of bone tumor?
pain, usually at night
possible bone tumor biopsy should be done by?
ortho oncologist or do a longitudinal incision
chemical inducer of bone resorption?
osteoporosis dx. when how many SD from ideal peak bone mass?
estrogen receptors located on which cells in bones?
gold standard dx. of osteoporosis?
MC forms of calcium?
calcium carbonate and citrate
which calcium needs low pH to dissolvem, ie must be taken with food?
calcium carbonate
gas and constipation commonly seen with which calcium?
calcium carbonate
calcitonin tx. best for which bones?
bisphosphonate MOA?
inhibition of osteoclasts
side effects of bisphosphonate?
diarrhea and esophagitis
three bone stiumlators?
PTH, PTHRP, and fluoride
ankylosing spondylitis, reiter's syndrome, and psoriatic arthritis has which anitbody common?
how can you treat the pain of ankylosing spondilitis?
which joint always involved in AS?
reiter's triad?
conjunctivitis, urethritis, arthritis
keratoderma blennorrhagicum?
rashes on soles of feet found in reiter's
large monocytes with ingested PMNs with inclusion bodies?
reiter's cells
anti-TNF alpha tx. for?
claudication of arms and raynaud's?
which small vessel vasculitis spares lungs? doesnt spare lungs?
PAN spares, churg-strauss and wegners doesnt
associated with hep b, leukemia, and HIV?
asthma and peripheral eosinophillia?
ulcerative purpura with lung, sinus, and RBC casts?
5 risk factors for OA?
age, hereditary, trauma, female, obesity
OA has reduced this that causes increase in that?
TIMP reduction with MMP increase
synovitis found in OA?
warmth and effusion found in OA, but it is not synovitis
RA associated antibody?
RF and HLA-DR4
RA, splenomegaly, neutropenia?
felty's syndrome?
most sensitive test for carpal tunnel?
durkin's compression test
origin of carpal tunnel?
majority have no known origin
finkelstein's test?
test for dequervian's tenosynovitis?
which tendons affected in dequervian's?
abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis
Wartenberg's sx.?
superficial radial nerve affected
which nerve must not be damaged during trigger thumb surgery?
radial digital nerve
most sensitive symptom of carpal tunnel?
night paresthesias
good predictive factor for surgical tx. of carpal tunnel?
cortisone injections
which pulley affected in trigger finger?
A1 pulley in palm
little finger ulnar deviation?
unable to hold paper between thumb and hand?
how to differentiate between cubital tunnel and ulnar tunnel?
dorsum of little finger not affected in ulnar tunnel
most sensitive exam for cubital tunnel?
decreased monofilament exam
etiology of tennis elbow?
overuse of wrist extensors; tendinosis of ECRB
differentiate between tennis elbow and radial tunnel syndrome?
radial tunnel pain is 4-5cm more distal to lateral epicondyle
little league elbow etiology?
avulsion fx. of medial epicondyle physis
surgery when displacement of medial epichondral apophysis greater than?
majority of pts. benefit from surgery in this arm injury?
biceps tendon rupture
which menisci more prone to tear?
medial menisci
increaed Q angle found in what?
patella subluxation
tenderness between 2nd and 3rd toe and positive pop compression test indicate?
morton's neuroma-irritation of common digital nerve from flattened transverse arch
tarsal tunnel syndrome?
posterior tibial nerve inflammation
tx. of plantar fascitis?
stretching and night splinting, NO surgery or heel spur tx.
what is responsible for compressive strength in articular cartilage?
what is responsbile for the tensile strength in articular cartilage?
pannus formation found in?
tophus formatino found in?
"punched out" lesion with soft tissue tophi?
component of pseduogout?
calcium pyrophosphate
sausage digits in which spondyloarthropathies?
which dx. tool useful to evaluate for early osteonecrosis?
down sides of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate?
long time to become effective and not useful for advanced disease
most commonly injured rotator cuff muscle?
internal impingement pathology?
superior labrum impinging on undersurface of rotator cuff, weakness on dominant arm
best non-surgical tx. for internal impingement?
core strenghtening
which type of OI is lethal neonatal form?
type II
gene association with synpolydactly?
osteopetrosis tx.?
virus associated with paget's?
lab findings for paget's?
elevated AP, urine hydroproline and phosphorus, normal calcium
dissecting osteitis found in?
creeping substitution found in?
most common site of tuberculosis osteomyelitis?
thoracic and lumbar region
which tumor grows commonly in young people and pain relived dramatically by aspirin?
osteoid osteoma
main difference between osteoid osteoma and osteoblastoma?
osteoblastoma pain not relieved by aspirin and are bigger, found in axial skeleton
actual name of osteoid osteoma that is variably mineralized
which other tumor has strong association with osteosarcoma?
which tumor grows from metaphyseal plate like a stalk?
enchondromatosis also know as?
ollier disease
enchondromatosis plus hemangiomas and other types of malignancies?
maffucci syndrome
s-100 positive chicken wire pattern of mineralization found in?
which cartilage tumor often present with atypcial cells?
chondromyxoid fibroma
conventional chondrosarcoma often metastasize to?
lungs, never lymph nodes
MC location of chondrosarcoma?
which type of chondrosarcoma has great variability in clinical course?
mesenchymal chondrosarcoma
which chondrosarcoma behaves as low-grade malignancy?
clear cell chondrosarcoma
snow-storm splotchy appearance on x-ray indicate?
mutation of alpha subunit of g proteins found in which bone disease?
fibrous dysplasia
proliferative, bowing, twisting of bone spicule indicate?
fibrous dysplasia
herringbone pattern indicates?
well circumscribed, hemorrhagic, peripheral tumor?
giant cells, fusion of circulating monocytes
which tumor like lesion often found in vertebrae with insulin like growth factor?
anuerysmal bone cyst
birbeck granules in?
langerhan cell histiocytosis
cyst in long bones of young males?
solitary bone cyst
cyst often found on dorsal carpal area of hand from overuse?
ganglion cyst
which gout often found in TMJ?
trisomy 3 and 8 associated with which soft tissue tumor?
superficial fibromatosis
APC or B-catenin gene associated with which soft tissue tumor?
deep fibromatosis
most prevelant painful skin tumor that is often factor XIIIa positive?
differentiate between dermatofibrosarcoma protruberans and dermatofibroma?
CD34 positive, complex and deep
which soft tissue tumors are common in adults and primarily involve LE and peritonium?
malignant fibrous histiocytoma and liposarcoma
storiform, pleomorphic pattern found in?
malignant fibrous histiocytoma
neurtoectodermal differentiation found in which soft tissue tumor?
Ewing and PNET
trilineage differentiation in which soft tissue tumor?
desmoplastic small round cell tumor
located on distal portion of extremities with multinodular appearance and necrotic center?
epitheloid sarcoma
tumor often found subungual positive for muscle markers?
glomus tumor
staghorn vascular pattern found in?
verocay bodies in?
tumor in larnyx and trachea that is of schwann cell origin?
granular cell tumor
most common sarcoma of toes?
malignant melanoma of soft parts