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Are the Central American countries and Caribbean combined larger or smaller in area than the contiguous United States?
The combined area of Central America and the Caribbean is larger than the United States
Define maquiladoras. What fraction of the maquiladoras are owned by US companies and where are they often located?
Maquiladoras are factories in border cities which are used to assemble products for export to the US and other nations. U.S. companies owns about 2/3 or 67% of them.
How many acres of tropical rain forest disappear each hour?
About 30-50 acres of rain forest disappear each minute or 180-300 acres per hour.
Name three Caribbean Island that are part of the United Kingdom
Some Caribbean Islands that belong to the United Kingdom are: Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke
Puerto Ricans are citizens of what country?
Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States.
What Caribbean country has the most developed economy?
Puerto Rico has the most developed economy of the Caribbean countries
What country gained its independence from Colombia?
Panama gained its independence from Colombia in 1903.
What country has the highest standard of living and literacy rate in Central America?
Costa Rico has the highest literacy rate and standard of living in Central America
What country is Mexico's most important foreign customer?
The United States is Mexico's most important foreign customer.
What country is one of the world's largest sugar exporters?
Cuba is the world's largest sugar exporter
What country is the birthplace of reggae?
Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae
What happened when Nicaragua's long-time dictator was overthrown?
When Nicaragua's dictator was overthrown:
A revolutionary government took power
Most rich Nicaraguans fled the country
Sandinista government had pressure put on them
by US
US supported rebels called Contras
Economy nearly collapsed
1990, Sandinstas were defeated and it became a
What is Mexico's greatest natural resource?
Mexico's greatest natural resource is oil found along the shore of Gulf of Mexico
What is the largest city in the Yucatan Peninsula?
The largest city in the Yucatan Peninsula is Merida
What is the life expectancy for men and women in Mexico?
Men's life expectancy is 69 years and women's life expectancy is 77 yrs.
What is the most populous country in Central America?
Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America
What island is politically divided between the United States and the United Kingdom?
The Virgin Islands are politically divided between the United States and the United Kingdom.
What percentage of land in Mexico cannot produce a crop each year?
88% of the land in Mexico cannot produce a crop each year. Only 12% can.
What percentage of Mexican workers work in industrial or service jobs?
More than 3/4 or 75% of Mexican workers are in industrial jobs or the service industry.
What was Spain's earliest colony in the Americas?
Spain's earliest colony was Mexico City,