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What is the most valued crop in the highlands of East Africa?
What is the most valued crop in the dryalnds of East Africa?
This country is Africa's favorite tourist site
Dar es Salaam is the greatest city and major port of this country.
These two countries were once a German colony that was divided into two countries at independence in 1962
Rwanda and Burundi
The Nile runs through the length of this country.
This country is home to Organization of African Unity
This country is located on the Red Sea coast north of Ethiopia
This country is strategically located on the strait that connects the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.
Trees of the coastal woodlans of this country produce frankincense and myrrh, which are marketed to Christian churches around the world.
A cash crop from the sap of acacia trees
gum arabic
The official language of Kenya and Tanzania
The largest lake in Africa
Lake Victoria
The four countries found in the Horn of Africa
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia
Once ruled by dictator Idi Amin
Famous home of mountain gorillas
The name of the secret guerilla organization in Kenya
Mau Mau
Africa's largest country in land area
The highest point in Africa
What do most people of East Africa do for a living?
This is grown in East Africa and is used in some medicines and gives many candies their chewy texture.
gum arabic
What was the difference between the attridues of the Kikuyu and the British toward land?
British valued alnd as personal wealth, power and property and Kikuyu valued land for the amount of food it could produce and land could not be bought or sold.
What percentage of Kenya's land is arable?
A strong fiber used to make rope and twine
What is Kenya's greatest challenge?
rapidly increasing population
This is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Africa.
Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania
Zanzibar is the world's largest source of what spice?
To where is Tanzania moving it's capital city?
What two ethnic groups experienced tragic violence in 1994 taking the lives of over half a million people?
Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda
With more than 50 million, this African country is among the poorest in the world.
Partly due to drought in the 1980s, several million people starved to death in what country?
More than a third of Ethiopinas are of what religion?
Ethiopian Orthodox Church
What percentage of the original forests remain in Kenya?
What is the name of the movement in Kenya trying to teach people how to plant trees?
Green Belt Movement
In East Africa, what item is often a measure of one's wealth?
What European country colonized Rwanda?
What group were the blue helmented soldiers from?
United Nations
What instigated the massacre of the Tutsis?
A peace treaty between Tutsis and Hutu government was broken and the Hutu presidental guard began killing Tutsis
How many Tutsis were killed and over what period of time?
eight hundred thousand in 1994
(100 days)
Who was the U.S. President during the Tutsi massacre?
U.S. President was Bill Clinton
Over what word did the United Nations debate?
What two groups fought against each other in Rwanda?
Hutu and Tutis
There is only one doctor for every ___ people in Mali.
20,000 people
What disease that causes blindness affects one third of all children?
under-utrition or malnutrition
What is life expectancy in Mali?
Male 45.5 years
Female 47.85 years
Mali is about the size of what U.S. State?
Alaska ?? (It is twice the size of Texas)
The voting age in Mali is...
18 yrs.
What percent of the work force is employed in agriculture in Mali?
85% ?????
Most widely spoken tongue (language) in Mali
What is the name of the light skinned thenic group in Mali that followed their herds through Mali, Niger, and Mauritania?
Peulh herdsmen
What percentage of Malians are Muslim?
What river is home to most of Mali's economic activity?
Niger River